3 Best Outdoor Upgrades To Make Your Home Impressive

Looking to add some impressive curb appeal to your home? When making home improvements, it’s all about adding style and beauty. Here are three great ways to dress up the exterior of your home, and of your property as a whole.

  1. Beautify Your Landscaping

If your landscaping isn’t looking its best, roll up your sleeves and bring your outdoor spaces up to par. Basic landscape maintenance includes keeping trees and bushes trimmed and mowing your lawn regularly. If you want your yard to really stand out, though, you’ll need to go beyond the basics and add some color by planting a variety of climate-appropriate flowers. Add cheerful flower boxes under your front windows for a finishing touch!

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

Showcase your home’s interesting features by installing dramatic outdoor lighting throughout your property. Place spotlights periodically in your yard and point them at some of your home’s major features like your front entry and eaves. In addition, it’s recommended to use uplighting and downlighting techniques to properly light some of the unique aspects of your landscaping. Professional providers of exterior lighting Clearwater will help you design an outdoor lighting strategy that will truly impress.

  1. Update Paved Areas

Paved areas such as driveways and walkways can really drag down your home’s curb appeal if they’re in poor condition. Give these spaces an update by clearing away all debris and making minor repairs. If your paving needs a complete replacement, consult a professional paving service to do the job, and upgrade to stamped concrete or asphalt. Stamping these surfaces gives some decorative texture and pattern to areas that otherwise would be plain and dull.

Take on these home improvement projects to truly experience your home’s full potential. By following these tips, you’ll have a home that will be a source of great pride.

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