3 Portable Hygiene Units You Didn’t Know Existed

Having a big event or campout off-grid? No need to totally rough it anymore, even in the middle of nowhere. Here are three different types of portable units to make clean-up and hygiene care a breeze no matter where you are.

Portable Showers

Hikers everywhere, rejoice. You won’t have to clean up with wet wipes or cold water anymore. Imagine having the luxury of hot running water after a long day on the trails. Mobile shower trailers make it easy to get clean after a long day. Pair them with portable fresh water/gray water storage and a generator and you have a perfect cleaning station that effortlessly goes anywhere you do.

Mobile Restrooms

Skip the port-a-potties and pit toilets. Mobile restrooms with flush toilets and running warm water are a must for outdoor enthusiast gatherings. Not only will everyone stay cleaner and healthier, but nobody will have to deal with the dreaded odors that come with every other kind of off-grid bathroom. No more worrying about someone dropping their keys or sunglasses down into the pit either. They’re perfect for events with lots of families or groups of kids too, since they’re much easier to use for even the youngest of attendees.

Portable Handwashing

Even though mobile restroom units typically come with their own sinks (complete with running water, soap and paper towels), for extra-messy occasions such as fishing and hunting events, it’s worthwhile to get an outdoor handwashing solution. Enter: portable handwashing stations. Just one more place to get cleaned up without making the mobile restroom units a pigsty.

Off-grid events can be messy and dirty, and cleaning with nothing but hand wipes and cold water is a pain. Fortunately, mobile hygiene units can help you and your event attendees stay clean, cool and collected no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

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