3 Simple Ways To Add Dramatic Curb Appeal to Any Home

Want to spruce up the exterior of your home in a unique way? Follow these three simple steps to add dramatic curb appeal to your property.

  • Illuminate the Exterior

A well-designed exterior lighting strategy not only works to make your home safer, but it also gives your home a charming glow. Install fixtures with LED bulbs for the brightest, most efficient way of accentuating the architectural and landscaping features of your property. Contact the experts in wireless light controls Sacramento CA to integrate your new lighting strategy with the other smart technology in your home, allowing you to easily control illumination from your electronic devices.

  • Update the Front Door

Turn your front door into a stunning focal point by giving it a quick update. You don’t have to completely replace your door to do this – all it takes is a coat of paint in a modern color to give an old door new life. Trendy colors include red, navy or even a deep orange, but choose a shade that makes a nice contrast with the overall look of the house. Add solid nickel or iron hardware as a finishing touch.

  • Install Stone Veneer

A curb appeal project that actually pays for itself is the installation of manufactured stone veneer. To get the most out of this improvement, place the veneer around your front door and your garage door – it instantly draws the eye to these areas and sets them off from the rest of the house. It’s a project that actually has a great return on investment, making it both an aesthetically and financially smart decision.

Curb appeal helps your home stand out from the entire neighborhood, and it’s also a great selling feature should you choose to sell in the future. Complete the projects above and create an impressive exterior that reflects your stylish tastes.

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