3 Ways To Make Working From Home More Fun

Working from home can be a drag. You can go a whole day without seeing anybody in person. Your home is your office and it’s very easy to get cabin fever. Although you might not know when you are going back to the office, that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your work from home setup. 

  1. Redesign Your Office Space

The first step is improving your office environment. If you haven’t yet, designate a separate office space from your home space. Working at the dining room table works in a pinch, but it’s not the best setup. If you have a room you can turn into an office, do so. If you don’t, choose a corner of your living room or bedroom that you can turn into your office space. Get a real desk and office chair, taking the time to choose comfortable and functional pieces. Have an “office” to go to will help separate home life from work life.

  1. Set Up Office Hours

It’s easy to let home life and work-life merge together and not have clearly defined boundaries. If you feel like you are working all the time, set up office hours. Work the time that you would normally work in the office and stick to them. If you normally would not answer emails when you are at home, set up an out of office message for after office hours. By the same token, don’t do home tasks, like laundry and cleaning, while you are “at work”.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Work is hard and it is not any easier doing it from home. Don’t forget to look after yourself during the workday. Take frequent breaks. Remember to move around and do some stretching during the day. If you’re feeling lonely, call a friend to chat. Mental and physical health are as important as work.

Working from home is not for everybody but if you take the time to set boundaries and routines, you should hopefully find it easier to do.


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