3 Ways To Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

When a storm hits, the roof of your home plays a vital role in keeping everyone and everything inside safe and dry. But how can you be sure yours is up to the task? Fortunately, you can take preventive action that gives your home a much better chance of weathering even the fiercest winds and rain. Here are three ways you can storm-proof your roof.

  1. Clear the Gutters

Blocked gutters are one of the most common causes of roof damage post-storm. Heavy rain fills a gutter, especially one that already contains leaves and debris. A gutter carries water away from your roof structure and diverts it from your home’s walls and foundation. When it doesn’t work, water flows into your roof and overflows the side of the gutter, straight down the walls of your house. Merely by scheduling a gutter cleaning Jacksonville FL, you can reduce your risk of roof damage, water damage, and foundation erosion.

  1. Trim Tree Branches

Tree branches crashing into your roof can cause a significant amount of damage; even small branches bring down tiles and crack gutters if the wind is strong enough. If a large branch were to come down on your roof, it could go through it and into the rooms below. Trim branches back so there’s at least six feet of clearance between the tree and your home. Be safe, and if it requires any risky maneuvers, hire an arborist to do it for you.

  1. Secure Windows and Doors

Storms bring with them immense air pressure and violent winds. Should this combination get inside your home, the force pushes upwards against your roof, rendering your roof unstable and putting you at risk of your roof lifting clean off or caving in. By closing all doors and windows, you maintain the air pressure in your home and keep it distributed equally. Closed windows also prevent lightning from getting inside during an electrical storm.

Take the time to prepare your roof for an incoming storm, and you’ll save yourself time and money after the storm hits.

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