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4 Beautiful Things to Do With Family in Kawah Putih Area

If you plan to go to Bandung with your family, don’t forget to go to these beautiful places in Kawah Putih area where you can do many great things with your family.

Ontang Anting and Kawah Putih

One thing to do while you are in Kawah Putih is taking photographies. The clouds of mist lingering above the blue-tinted waters make an unreal and mysterious background.

The excitement begins before you Hit the lake; to get to the lake, you need to choose the orange minibusses known as Ontang Anting (or loosely interpreted as bumpy journey). The ride up into the crater is a 15-minute drive through a forest on a twisting and rocky road. Kids usually love this spacious cottage ride. You need to pay an entrance fee to get into the Kawah Putih area. They will charge you for IDR 20,000 – 50,000, and once you’ve arrived at the lake, it’s best to put on a mask as the odor of sulfur is quite pungent. A range of vendors is prepared to help you if you have to buy a cover or whenever you would like to enjoy a few snacks. You can also pretend that you’re a cowboy and go horseback riding along with your family around Kawah Putih place for IDR 15,000.

Mount Patuha

Mount Patuha or “Pak Tua” translated as”old guy,” a title Given as a type of respect towards elders. The mountain itself is seldom explored by tourists but there are numerous routes for your increase, and among these is on the left side of the entry to Kawah Putih. The road leads through a forest that contributes to the peak of the mountain, approximately two to three-hour trek. This path might not be acceptable for the younglings, but you can do this with your spouse. You may see ancient trees as well as the rawness of natural forest along the way, and after you’ve reached the top, you will be able to see the view of the whole mountainous region in addition to the Kawah Putih.


At Rancabali restaurant, people eat and enjoy the scenery with their family. Nearby, there are plenty of activities that you can do with your family; you could go strawberry picking, playing with rabbits, stroll through the tea plantations, or move glamping (glamorous camping). You can teach your kids how to love nature by becoming one with it. There is a small fee for every fascination, but the pleasure you will have is worth every penny.

Patenggang Lake

The Patenggang Lake, or Situ Patenggang, is stretched across 45,000 hectares of land and water. The region is surrounded by tea plantations and Rows of trees, which makes the atmosphere cold and fresh. Patenggang is a Sundanese word to get “separated,” and at this lake, a royal prince managed to meet his beloved, An ordinary village woman. Forbidden to wed, the few from different social Standing, secretly met at a rock on a small island in the center of the lake. The Rock standstill today and is known as Batu Cinta or Love Rock. Legend has it that people who come to the lake and ring the little island is going to have an endless love.

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