4 Points to Consider When Arranging Home Care for Elderly Brentwood TN

An elderly loved one can no longer safely live alone. At the same time, moving to an assisted living facility does not seem to be the answer. It could be that arranging for home care for elderly Brentwood TN is the proper solution. As you prepare to talk with a service about finding someone to provide home care, make sure to think about these four points. Doing so will make it easier to find a care giver who is a good fit for your loved one. 

Your Loved One’s Mobility

It’s no secret that many people find it harder to get around as they age. Until recently, your loved one did quite well. Now, it’s apparent that getting out of a chair or walking for more than a block or two causes a fair amount of stress.

You will need a care giver who understands the challenges that come with decreased mobility. Someone who can also help with physical therapy at home that aids in maintaining joint flexibility may also be a good idea. 

Difficulty With the Memory

Your loved one has a firm grasp on reality, and in general has no problem remembering names and other details. From time to time, there is an issue with forgetting appointments, confusion about who was involved with what past event, and maybe momentarily losing the thread of a conversation. 

If this is true, then the care giver should be one who understands what to do when these types of moments take place. It’s also helpful if the care giver is trained to notice signs of increasing memory loss. That type of diligence can make it easier to bring concerns to your attention and look into options for treatment. 

Visual Acuity

A gradual reduction in visual acuity is also something that can happen. Perhaps your loved one already wears corrective lenses, and may be thinking about cataract surgery. There’s no doubt that as you make plans related to home care for elderly Brentwood TN, the current and projected change in visual acuity should be considered. 

A care giver who has worked with clients who had decreased vision will know what to do. That includes helping your loved one calm down after being upset about not seeing something clearly. Compassion is called for here, as well as being patient enough to read or describe things for the benefit of your loved one. 

Special Dietary Needs

Diet is definitely something that should be considered in advance. It’s not just about personal preferences, although those matter too. If your loved one is supposed to follow a diet due to certain medical conditions, it’s good to have a care giver who knows how to prepare balanced meals that fit in with those dietary needs. 

For example, your loved one is a type 2 diabetic. That means keeping simple carbohydrates to a minimum. It also means knowing how to make sure the majority of carbs consumed daily are complex rather than simple. A care giver who can prepare diabetic-friendly meals that taste good will quickly win over your loved one. 

There are other factors that also deserve consideration. Go over them with an agency representative and see what can be done. The ideal care giver may be waiting to make life easier for your loved one right this minute.

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