4 Signs That You Need Help From a Local Hot Tub Service

Nothing is better than enjoying a soak in a hot tub after a stressful day. As long as everything is working properly, you’re sure to feel a lot better after some time in the tub. If any of the following is happening, then it’s time to contact a local hot tub service and find out what’s wrong. 

Controls That Are Malfunctioning

Some of the controls no longer work as they should. Perhaps it’s sporadic, in that they do respond some of the time, but then fail to work at other times. This does point to the possibility of some sort of electrical issue. 

In many instances, the origin of the issue can be corrected on site. There may or may not be the need to replace anything. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional take a look. You may find that the issue takes less than an hour to resolve. 

Recurring Losses of Power

For some unknown reason, the tub seems to shut down without warning. The water cools, the jets aren’t doing anything, and there is no response at all from any of the controls. What you essentially have at this point is a vat of cooling water that will only get cooler. 

Calling a professional will help to isolate the origin of the issue. It could be some type of fault with the control box, or it could be that the connection to your power source is no longer functional. Once the reason for the loss of power is determined, it won’t take long to decide how it can be resolved. 

The Presence of Leaks

You noticed that the tub’s water level is down a bit. At that point, you also notice that there are small puddles of water around the base of the tub. Your first thought was that the puddles were due to people climbing in and out. The reality is that the tub is leaking. 

Don’t assume this means you have to invest in a new hot tub. A professional from a local hot tub service can inspect the tub and locate the leaks. Once that’s done, it will be easier to determine what it would take to mend the leaks and ensure that the water will stay where it’s intended to be. 

Jets That Alternatively Surge or Have a Weak Stream

For the most part, things seem to be fine. You’re happy with the water temperature and the controls respond without any hesitation. One thing that you have noticed is that the jets aren’t consistent in how they function. At times, the emerging stream of water is somewhat weak. There are other times when it seems to be particularly strong. 

A professional can examine the jets and find out what’s happening. There may be periodic clogs in the line or some sort of defect with the jet heads. Whatever the issue happens to be, the solution for erratic streams is usually simple for a professional to resolve. 

Don’t assume that the problems with your hot tub are permanent. Call a professional and have someone take a look at the tub. The solution to the problem may be easier and faster to manage than you thought possible.