4 Ways To Add Distinct Character to Your Home

Part of the joy of owning a home is getting to personalize it the way you like. Your house should include unique features that are like no one else’s to give it character. To get your home out of the cookie-cutter rut, here are four ways to add distinct character to your abode.

  • Use Unique Lighting

There are about as many different types of lighting as there are people, so choose lamps that speak to you. This could be an ornate chandelier, hanging Edison bulbs or a stained glass table lamp. Vintage lanterns and wall sconces will also add warmth to a home. Go with soft white bulbs instead of harsh lighting for a cozy feel.

  • Install a Screen Door

If you had a screen door as a child, you know there’s no sound quite like it. A great way to incorporate character into your home is to add a cedar screen door. Your door can be painted any color you like and furnished with the hardware of your choice for comforting, nostalgic charm.

  • Change Cabinet Handles

Another way to give your home character is to switch-up your cabinet and drawer handles. This small and inexpensive change will make a huge difference to your kitchen and bathroom. Handles and knobs come in all different colors and materials to make a room exquisitely yours.

  • Buy Antique Furniture

When you buy a piece of antique furniture, you’ll probably never find anyone with the same piece. Antique furnishings are well-crafted and feature ornate carvings, glass and one-of-a-kind compartments. Each piece has an interesting story and that character will transfer into your home.

When you have your own home, you don’t want it to look like everyone else’s. Adding character with intimate lighting, a charming screen door and antique furniture will make your house into a home.

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