5 Activity That You Can’t Leave in Solo Indonesia

Solo is famous as a tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage of classic Javanese arts, such as batik, wayang, etc. The current president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, was born in Solo, where he served as the mayor from 2005 to 2012. Most tourists that visit Yogyakarta also stop by in this city since it is fairly close, just about 60 km from Yogyakarta. As a centre for the cultural heritage in Central Java, Solo offers a lot of enjoyable activities to do for tourists before they return. Here are a number of those activities.

Shop at the Traditional Market

The Triwindu Market, situated at the Diponegoro Road, provides an opportunity to find some antique materials from a bygone era, including the historical kris, statues, ceramic plates, jewellery, and other things. Most of these artefacts are the relic from the period of the Indonesian kingdoms. You can bring a classic item of your collection to be bartered with other antique artefacts in here.

As in other traditional markets in Indonesia, haggling and negotiating tactics are of extreme importance when you are shopping. Don’t forget to stop by the Night Market at Ngarsopuro. It’s the perfect destination during the night time to navigate the various products offered by the stalls and kiosks within this location. As it is open for just four hours, we advise you to come early, so you do not feel too rushed.

For another choice, you can also head to the Klewer Market, in which they sell not only batik but additional clothing and textiles as well. The Klewer Market was burnt down in 2014, but was rebuilt and gradually regaining its clients back.

Buy some Batik

The most popular place to purchase batik is always the House of Danar Hadi. But there are several other places that sell wonderful batik too. At Kauman Batik Village, visitors can pick more contemporary batik designs with darker colours and themes. The batik clothing that sold here is typically made from silk and superior cotton, leading to a more elegant appearance. The Laweyan Batik Village offers a more traditional layout that possesses a more cultural appearance. Another batik maker such as Batik Keris and Batik Semar is available too for you to choose from. Should you ever need to purchase some souvenirs, either for yourself or friends and families, just buy a batik.

Visit the Various Waterfalls Around Solo

There Are Lots of notable waterfalls around the region of Solo, like the famous Grojogan Sewu in Tawangmangu, Segoro Gunung from the Lawu Mountains, Jumog Waterfall at Karanganyar near the Kemuning Tea Plantations, and much more. Each waterfall emitted a truly majestic grandeur of pure greatness in its purest form. On the other hand, the trip to such waterfalls usually includes hiking and climbing through rough terrain, so we advise you to bring your hiking gears and bring some supplies with you just in case. Do not forget to carry some bathing suits or spare clothes, as some of these waterfalls supply the opportunity to dive and swim into the refreshing cold water below the waterfalls.

Enjoy the Local Delicacies

Although the town is known for the arts and culture, the culinary delights can’t be underestimated. Various appetizing cuisines like nasi liwet, selat Solo, serabi, satay buntel solo, along with other local delicacies will surely suit your palate. Other famous dishes would be the Timlo, a clear soup with slices of chicken and egg served with rice and grilled onions. These foods are ideal to fulfil your belly after a long, exhausting day of travel around Solo.

Do a Kemuning Tea Field Tour

One of the best things to do in Solo Indonesia is Kemuning Tea Plantation tour. Situated in roughly 800 to 1500-meters over the sea level, the lush and vast tea plantations in Kemuning certainly provide you with a calm, relaxing setting as you walk through its fields. There are other tea plantations also, but Kemuning arguably has the most beautiful view compared to the remainder. Strolling between the tea shrubs under this kind of refreshing breeze while enjoying the view of the outlying areas surely will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Whether your trips take you to a long walk on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Solo and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


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