5 Tricks That Can Help You Win a Rummy Game

Rummy may look like a complex and uncertain game, but one needs to understand that sophistication doesn’t necessarily mean difficulty. As long as you follow the basics and lay down some simple groundwork, everything should go smoothly and work out in your favour. Although, there are few tricks that you can use int he game to have the edge over your opponents or, maybe, win the game. This article attempts to provide a list of those very tricks and tips, that might work in your favour-

Choose to Drop Out

This is a strategy that a lot of Rummy players have approved of & even promoted- dropping out. If you feel like your cards aren’t right or that they can’t get you a win, then choose to drop out of the game. With this strategy, you only lose 20 points which is much better than losing the entire 80 points at the end of the game.


Regroup your cards from time to time. This is an essential concept because frequently, after a while of playing, you tend to start missing sets or sequences that are right in front of you. To avoid a simple mistake like losing a card you want, you should keep regrouping.

Learn How to Read Hands

This one is considered one of the most difficult tricks in the book of rummy tricks. Learning how to read your opponent’s hand technically means that you have next tonone losing chances. By ensuring that you have this observational skill at your disposal, you can get a fair idea of the type of cards your opponent has and the sequences he/she is trying to form.

Search for and collect smart cards

Smart cards refer to those cards that can easily be melded into a run. For example, a 7 of any suit can be combined with a 5 & 6 of the same suit or the 8 & 9 of the same suit.

You must be a vigilant player to understand and interpret the smart cards and effectively used them in your rummy game.

Tricking Your Rivals

There are many small things you can do toensurethat your opponent is entirely and thoroughly confused during the game. One such way is to trick the other player, into delivering to you the card that you require.For example, you need to meld a set of three Queen cards, and you have the Queen of Clubs as well as Hearts in your possession –  if you discard a King of Spades, your opponent is likely to get confused and throw in the Queen of Spades, which is precisely what you need!

We hope that these five tricks will come in handy the next time you aspire to win big in online Rummy!

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