5 Ways To Stop Using Plastic In Your Business

It is hard to avoid plastic in our society. With it being used for everything from the receipt you get at a store to the straws in your iced coffee, it can seem impossible to stop using it altogether. Paper bag manufacturers are the suppliers of eco-friendly paper bags. The first step is to start looking for alternatives to plastic, and if you can’t find a reasonable alternative, it might be time to think about changing your business practices.

Here are five ways that businesses have eliminated or reduced their use of plastics:

  1. Put some time into your packing.

If you are trying to stop using plastic in your business, starting is with how you pack materials for shipping or deliveries. Look at items that come in plastic bags and see if the product could pack in other ways. For instance, if a customer has an order of 12 items that will be shipped together, it might make more sense to pack them all in a larger box. This way, you can reuse the plastic bag for another order without excess plastic from one item being thrown away after the customer takes their purchase home.

Another solution is to look for paper bag manufacturers and order some paper bags or if you don’t have something more stylish a kraft paper bag with a transparent window would do. If you are using larger items like appliances or large tools, look for suppliers of cardboard boxes that can be reused instead of plastic bins.

  1. Look at what items your business uses regularly.

In some cases, plastic is the only option for small items like straws or toothpicks. But if you use larger items regularly and can be replaced with a reusable version, then it might be time to invest in those instead. For instance, plastic utensils at your business could easily be swapped out for metal cutlery that can be washed and reused.

  1. Create a recycling program

One of the most effective ways to reduce plastic use in your business is by setting up a recycling program for customers and employees. Take all plastics that would normally go into the trash, sort them out at an appropriate facility, and then recycle them so they can be turned back into new plastic products. This is not only good for the environment, but it can also be a great way to get your customers involved in being environmentally friendly as well.

  1. Start using reusable materials.

Another option when looking at alternatives to plastic packaging or supplies is using cardboard or paper instead of plastics. Paper bags, specifically colorful paper shopping bags, are a great alternative to plastic bags. Paper is biodegradable, can be recycled repeatedly without loss of strength or quality, and it’s completely recyclable.

  1. Check to see if your supplier offers a discount for using their products.

Finally, look at the packaging you are using and check with suppliers to see if they would be willing to offer discounts on larger orders. When packaged in plastic bags or other types of containers, it can end up costing more per unit than it might cost when purchased wholesale. Brown paper bags wholesale are an inexpensive, eco-friendly option that can be used for any size packaging.

To conclude, plastic is a great material for many purposes, but it’s not perfect. When you are looking at ways to reduce your use of plastic concerning your business practices or products, start with the items that come into contact with customers and then move on. Plastic can be eliminated if necessary by using other types of packaging materials like paper or paper cardboard.

Other ideas for reducing plastic use in your business include:

  • Reusing items.
  • Using reusable materials like paper and metal instead of plastics.
  • Recycling programs.
  • Looking at cheaper alternatives from suppliers.

There are many options for reducing the amount of plastic you use in your daily operations. With a little bit of creativity, you can reduce your plastic use without sacrificing the quality of service that customers have come to expect. To learn more about the effects of paper bags not only on your business but on the environment try searching “paper vs plastic pros and cons”.