6 Outstanding Places in Banyuwangi You Might Never Know

You may still not be sure about where to go for your next escape. That’s fine! We’re here to provide some inspiration for you. If you’re bored with the regular travel destinations, then why don’t you take a step further to research a destination which is not as raved about, nevertheless, really beautiful? It is Banyuwangi!

Banyuwangi is a key gem of East Java which you ought to visit during a very long break. The area is bustling with things to attempt to do. We have assembled some terrific places to go throughout your vacay at Banyuwangi. Do not worry, researching every one of these places will not break your wallet. So, here we go!

  • Jawatan Benculuk

Have you ever heard of Jawatan Benculuk before? In case you haven’t, that is entirely OK, because many locals don’t even know about this location.

When you go inside these woods, it seems like a dream. The environment looks like the setting from the Lord of The Rings film! A lot of individuals wish to visit Jawatan Benculuk to shoot photographs or have a picnic with family or friends. If you’re planning to stop by Banyuwangi, do not forget to stop at this particular location!

  • Baluran National Park

We hope you can go to Banyuwangi soon so that you may see a bit of Africa there~ Whoops, did we simply say A-F-R-I-C-A? Guess what? We are not lying. In Banyuwangi, there’s a place named Baluran National Park. When you are there, it seems just like you’re in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania!

There are over 400 plant species at the playground and many mammal species such as Javan leopard, lutung, mouse-deer, etc. Ensure that you stop by this place when you are visiting Banyuwangi!

  • Bangsring Underwater

Maintain Bangsring Underwater on your radar throughout your visit to Banyuwangi. This exceptional destination provides good spots for diving and snorkeling. It is just 10 minutes away from the Ketapang harbor in Bali.

Seeing and feeding cute baby sharks is also the charm of this place that will make your vacation more memorable. You can perform this action as well as you are there. Other activities that you can do are engaging in coral reef recovery or unwind on the white sandy shore.

  • Red Island Beach

All nature lovers must come to Red Island Beach to take photos of this glorious view of the shore. It is a romantic place you can visit with your spouse. We suggest you come here before sunset, so you can enjoy your precious time together while watching the beautiful sunset on the horizon. Prepare your camera to catch some fantastic photographs of your holiday here.

  • Sritanjung Park

Sritanjung Park is one of the famous landmarks of Banyuwangi. This park includes a serene and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for an evening walk. At the center of the playground, you can observe some fountains. Many kids like to arrive at the park to chit-chat, run, or simply sit down while appreciating the view.

  • Ijen Crater

There is never a boring moment at Ijen Crater, we ought to say. Prepare your endurance and get ready to set off on an experience to find the electric blue flame at night. The electric blue flame you’ll notice in the combustion of sulfuric gases. There are only two areas on earth where you can observe this happening — in Iceland and Indonesia. Before you hike the mountain and see the massive caldera, ensure that you well prepare all the things you need for hiking.

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