6 Recommended Activities to Do in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, a district in West Papua province, is currently in the world spotlight. This area steals the world’s attention through its amazing natural scenery on land and sea. Until finally, this area got the nickname as The Last Paradise on Earth. So, what can you do in Raja Ampat?

  • Dive Into the Surprising Raja Ampat Ocean

Raja Ampat consists of hundreds of islands, each of which holds a different marine wealth. That is why most travelers who visit Raja Ampat have the same goal, namely diving. There are many diving spots in this area that offer an extraordinary view of the marine park because it is located in the center of the world’s coral reef triangle.

Raja Ampat spoils divers so much that it becomes a paradise for world divers because there are 603 types of hard coral reefs under the sea. This amount is 75% of the total types of coral reefs in the world. Not to mention the number of fish species that reach 1397 species, so there is no doubt that this is the fish capital of the world. Divers will certainly be willing to sacrifice anything to get to Raja Ampat and witness the richness of the underwater world, including Google founder Sergey Brin, who recently vacationed there.

  • Snorkeling in the Enchanting Shallow Eaters of Raja Ampat

For travelers who do not have a diving license, there is no need to frown because other activities are guaranteed to be fun and can be done by anyone, namely snorkeling. Raja Ampat is not only a paradise for divers but also a paradise for all types of travelers. With snorkeling, those who want to know the underwater park of Raja Ampat can also enjoy it.

Almost all waters in Raja Ampat have good visibility up to several meters. That way, without having to go into the deep sea, a traveler can still see the marine wealth of this area, complete with coral reefs and colorful small fish.

  • Challenging Raja Ampat Nature Trekking

Drool to see photos of friends on a hill with a background of a group of small islands in the middle of a calm sea and clear blue water? Then, it’s time for you to save and fly to Raja Ampat. You can get such a view by trekking in places like Waisai, Kabui, and Pianemo.

Trekking here is not a route that already exists. The place is an uninhabited island, so it will challenge you to open and create your path. During the trip, you will meet lizards, pitcher plants, and maleo birds. Arriving at the top of the hill, you will see a cluster of super cool corals that you previously only saw on the internet or television.

  • Feeding Fish in Raja Ampat

Fish feeding is the friendliest activity for travelers who are afraid to dive or snorkel. They can still see marine life from the surface or on a boat. Small fish without fear will approach when the traveler feeds. All you need to prepare is food such as bread or biscuits.

Crush the biscuits and throw them into the sea. In an instant, colorful small fish will come to the surface and eat the food you give them. Travelers in Waisai can do this activity and to do so is free of charge.

If you want something more exciting, you can visit Sawing Rai. The traveler’s hands will be greased with flour and put in water. Small fish will come and bite your hand, it’s amusing but fun.

  • Bird Watching

Mainland Raja Ampat also stores gems that spoil the eye through bird-watching activities. Birds of Paradise are native birds from Papua. Can do spot-seeing birds on Sawing Rai Island.

This bird-watching activity is carried out twice a day with a schedule at 07.00-09.00 WIT and 16.00-17.00 WIT. Previously, a traveler had to enter the forest on Sawing Rai Island, and in this forest, the Cendrawasih birds can be seen without using binoculars from a very close distance. Besides Cendrawasih, other birds such as parrots and various other birds will also appear in the trees.

  • Hunt the Coolest Sunrise in the World

Raja Ampat is also an okay place for sunrise and sunset, but sunrise is considered the most victorious. Some resorts even build hotels with sunrise views, such as Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, Waiwo Dive Resort, and others.

You just have to set the alarm before sunrise, so you don’t miss the moment. Moreover, you can enjoy sunrise there yourself because not many travelers have come to Raja Ampat. After all, the cost is very expensive. So, the view of the small green islands with the blue sea in the golden color of the newly rising sun will present an extraordinarily beautiful sight.

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