7-point guide for choosing tax services in Pasadena

If you have been struggling with tax returns and handling accounting work for your small business in Pasadena, there is an undoubted need for expertise. Most small companies and startups don’t have a proper system for bookkeeping and accounting, and as a result, filing taxes and ensuring compliance become major challenges. If you are keen on outsourcing, here are seven points for choosing tax services in Pasadena, Maryland.

  1. Start with qualifications: All tax preparers are required to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Besides that, it is critical to check if they are keeping up with continuing education and are affiliated with professional bodies and organizations. Your tax preparer should ideally be a CPA, a licensed attorney, or an enrolled agent.
  2. Check online ratings: You need to check the history of tax professionals working for your business. Online ratings are quite useful for finding relevant details, and you can also check if they have been disciplined for their actions in the past.
  3. Know the fee structure: Always choose a tax service that doesn’t base their fee on your refund. Instead, they should have a transparent structure, mentioning flat fees and the cost of on-demand services. There is no harm in bargaining, but avoid choosing firms based on the price alone.
  4. Ask about electronic filing: Tax preparers who file more than ten returns for their clients must offer to file returns electronically unless you ask otherwise. Electronic filing is not just convenient, but you will also get your refunds sooner.
  5. Communication is critical: Always ensure you have access to your tax preparer. If there are any issues with the returns or when there are other things that need attention, such as an IRS audit, the firm should be available to communicate and guide you further.
  6. Consider overall services: Take your time to evaluate what else you can expect from a firm apart from tax services. If they can handle all things like accounting and bookkeeping, that is surely an advantage, as you can rely on the team for related tasks.
  7. Check for tax planning services: The role of tax preparers extends beyond filing your taxes. They should be able to advise you on tax planning strategies to plan for the next financial year to bring down your tax liability. Many firms offering tax services also offer financial consulting services.

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