Adore Shine’s Jewelry is Cheap and Handmade in NYC

AdoreShine Jewelry is a company dedicated to providing stylish, artistically designed fashion accessories at an affordable price for women. The organization’s mission to be established by 2020 made it necessary to create affordable products. But people deserve something more, including their great looks, which was the inspiration for the creation of Adore Shine jewelry.

The company was founded by two sisters dedicated to the cause, Emily Sanchez and Lauren Sanchez, both from poor families who understand the need for affordable products. We believe that it shouldn’t be expensive to look good, and we want women to be confident, regardless of their budget.

We have arrived where we are today by making handmade, stylish jewelry and fashion accessories here in the USA. Handmade products in New York can often cost over $100, but we proudly sell over 50% of our products for under $20. That’s why we offer jewelry accessories designed by female artists directly from New York. We have big plans for the future of Adoreshine, with a new wax line added to the site.

We thought that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn, it was the perfect time to sell jewelry that people could actually afford. AdoreShine Jewelry is a great place to get jewelry and accessories for the latest style.

A chain handmade in New York can often cost over $100, but we proudly sell over 50% of our products for under $20. Why do you sell jewelry in the middle of a pandemic and why do you sell it during an epidemic? Why are you selling jewelers in the midst of a crisis like the coronavirus epidemic or the economic downturn?

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To learn more about AdoreShine Jewelry, visit their website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or visit our shop. Time will tell, but I am very excited about the future of the company and my future as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur.

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