All About the Hacking Techniques of CCTV Surveillance Systems

The CCTV surveillance, as well as the advanced IP camera surveillance systems, are under serious threats of cyberattacks especially in the business sector across the world. It is therefore essential for all stakeholders in the business sector irrespective of their sizes and establishments as well as other organizations those having CCTV and other surveillance systems to acquire adequate information about their surveillance system along with techniques used by the hacker and other necessary knowledge of how to hack your company’s hikvision recorder. This will eventually assist them to find the vulnerabilities in the surveillance system and protect and prevent the numerous security breaches that target surveillance systems.

The CCTV surveillance is commonly used in many sectors including malls, shops, offices, manufacturing units, warehouses etc. The CCTV surveillance not only helps in security and protection purposes but also provides many other advantages in growing the businesses, monitoring daily activities in the office management and administration etc. However, as the threats of the security breach are growing day by day, it is essential for the CCTV owners to know the hacking techniques and procedures. Anybody can search for the hacking techniques and tricks of hacking a surveillance system through Google search mechanism.

To begin with the learning of hacking techniques, you need to first download the Angry IP scanner which is considered as one of the most effective and powerful GUI port scanners. However, you can avail the Angry IP scanner for all major OS. In addition to downloading the Angry IP scanner, you need to choose the IP address range. It is further important to know how to choose the appropriate IP address range for the purpose of hacking the CCTV surveillance systems. One of the easiest ways to collect the IP address range is through the broadband connections as most CCTV surveillance are connective to the broadband connection. If you have a broadband router it may be easier for you to collect the IP address range through your public IP address. You can further type “my IP” in the Bing search bar or Google search bar. Eventually, Bing or Google will show you your public IP address.

Once you achieve the IP address range, you need to go to the tools section and from there proceed to the preferences section. Then proceed to the ports and as you add ports such as 80, 8080, 23 in the port section it will ultimately scan the 80, 8080, 23 ports. You can then add web detect to in order to get the details of the device such as the name of the model of the target CCTV camera, the name of the camera, the name of the router and the name of the router model etc. In order to add the web detect, follow this instruction as going to the section of tools, then to the fetchers, and then to the add and finally to web detect. You can then crack the password and get into the system.

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