Best Travel App for Android and IOS

Technology has gifted the two most coveted versions like the Android and the IOS platforms. Android being a bit older, there are various applications that is supported by the platform.  As far as travel apps are concerned, it’s the most preferred App and if they could be operated from both the platforms, it would help to have the maximum number of subscribers.  

What are the advantages of using Android versions? 

  • There are almost 3.5 million Android apps and audience don’t have any problem if the next release occurs from Google, as they will fast adopt the method. 
  • The android platform is known to have a better user experience, and has got a much wider choice when it comes to changing the application settings.
  • As a hardware choice, android is meant to be a better option as a device since it would suits each user’s budget. 

Why is IOS the most preferred choice meant for the developers? 

  1. The number of android apps are much more in comparison to the IOS apps. The Apple platform is much more reliable and credible. The number of free app download is not very high number in IOS and the publisher has a steady source of income.
  2. The introduction of the SWIFT program language by the IOS has simplified the task of the IOS app developer.
  3. The IOS users are quicker in adopting the latest version. They can easily follow the latest updates. 

You can get all vacation related information right at your tips. There is no need to login to see the latest updates or maybe check your mails. There is no stress of missing out important information. Some salient features of the Vacation countdown App are as follows:


  • Multiple countdowns: You can choose from here multiple tour packages and then set a countdown to all. This will be a great utilization for the globetrotters. 



  • Custom background theme: You can choose the image from the stock and then set the background theme of your choice.



  • Choose the countdown style: There is an application where you can select the countdown style. These could be done in months, days, hours and minutes. You can choose the format and then install it in your mobile. The clock will be ticking and so will be your heartbeat.  



  • Vacation packing checklist: you will get the list of things to carry during trip.  



  • Games: There are a bevy of games that you can select and choose to play while you are on a trip. 

What are the facts that are an added advantage of following a travel App? 

While you follow the mobile first approach, then the hospitality and tourism brands can actually go far than their normal limits.

  • These can take away the stress of travel and make it much more fun filled.
  • They will increase the conversation rate. Travel will becomes much more interactive. 
  • These applications will definitely boost revenues.
  • The advertisers will easily reach their target audience with the aid of these applications.
  • They would easily acquire and retain customers. 
  • They would promote services at the right time and place since they would get noticed by the target audience.
  • These would definitely increase the brand advocacy and loyalty, of course. 

Gone are the days when you have to look for all travel related information in the print versions. There were possibility of missing out some of the very significant information. But, as you can download the travel app, you may check at all times and all sort of information. This is basically a win-win situation for the App owners as well. Traditional mode of advertisement across all channels costlier.  Operations is not a hassle free job as you have to keep a good strength of workforce for ticket booking, cancelling and rescheduling. Imagine all these jobs being done with the help of technology and direct interaction with your client. This would reduce the workforce involved and also the possible errors. The customers can see the booking being done by themselves and also from the comfort of their homes. This is a mobile version and the customers can operate at any time depending in their convenience. In one word, travel App is a mandatory for you to carry in your life and travel plans, especially. 

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