Catering Menu — An Essential Advice

Within the organization of an event, one of the most important aspects to take into account and decisive is the choice of the menu that will be served during the event, and that will also undoubtedly be one of the main protagonists of the evening.

If you are at this point and need some help, let us give you some tips that can be very valuable for your final decision on a business Catering packaging.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Catering Menu

Season of The Year

Depending on the season and dates chosen for the event, we should think about selecting the dishes that are most suitable for the season of the year; having as reference the seasonal products and that we can find in the market.

Thus, in hotter seasons, cold creams, salads, garnishes of fresh vegetables, and refreshing desserts will be appreciated. In contrast, for more chilled dates, hot dishes and something more forceful will be the most recommended.

The dishes full of colors are ideal for spring; flowers, fruits and perhaps, typical elements of the area.

Event Type

There are many types of events and options to be able to shape them. It is not the same to organize catering for a company event as catering for a wedding celebration or a family reunion.

These can be very formal and require a sitting service from the entree to dessert. On the contrary, others can be more dynamic, where our guests interact with each other, as are the cocktail type. There are also more simple ones like the “buffets,” where each guest is served whatever he wants.

In all of them, there are also many possibilities and variants to take into account, in this way, they can be outdoors, on the beach, in private or indoor spaces. Undoubtedly, the best option is to rely on a reference catering company, which will know how to advise you on the best menu for the characteristics of your event.

Number of Guests

It is essential that the dishes that show us the catering are valid for the number of guests we have, as for example; some may be too elaborate for a large banquet.

It is, therefore, essential that the election is feasible and adapted to the size of our event.

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