CBD Gummies: Joy of a Tasty Relief

Cannabis can be a very effective way of treating a variety of ailments, from chronic pain to anxiety and depression, but it’s only recently that these effects have been available in an edible form. There are many CBD products currently on the market namely CBD oil, vape pens, capsules, and even lotions containing cannabidiol for topical application. However, vaping or ingesting any pharmaceutical is not without its negatives; affected by temperature, smoking cannabis has carcinogens because the plant matter leaves soot on your lips and teeth when it burns. Intaking cannabinoids orally does not kill you–just gives you the munchies–but it does put all those chemicals into your system at once rather than slowly absorbing through sublingual tissue under your tongue.

CBD gummies for pain! They’re a tasty way to get your daily recommended allowance of CBD into your system, and you can even dose yourself. For instance, if I’m feeling a little anxiety I’ll take one gummy in the morning and another before bed for a total of 100mg CBD. Although they contain no THC, which is what makes you high, the gummies instead derive their benefits from other cannabinoids as well as terpenes found within the hemp plant which possess anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to ingesting them, how about using these as party favors? Or just having one at night before going to sleep because really why not? Whatever you do with them, remember that it’s always best practice to consult a doctor before beginning any new regimen.

A step-by-step guide to making CBD Gummies at home

1)  First you will need the main ingredient, which is cannabidiol (CBD). There are tons of places nationwide where you can buy it preloaded into vape pens or tinctures, but if you’re interested in doing this yourself then try here. This particular one comes with a dropper for easy dosing via a sublingual application under your tongue. Here’s what 100mg of CBD looks like:

2)  Now that you have your CBD gummies for pain it’s time to choose which flavors you want to infuse your candies with. There are many options available on Amazon ranging from sour apple to mint chocolate and the sky’s the limit from there. I chose watermelon because it sounded refreshing and who doesn’t like candy?