Check out these 1-Day Trips from Kolkata

Destinations within drivable distance from Kolkata are not only examples of the beauty of West Bengal but also put light on the great location of the capital city as well. Whenever visiting a city, it is essential to see the surroundings to get a real idea of the area. The architectural heritage, striking culture and traditions, tourist attractions, local food places as well as 5 star restaurants in Kolkata and of course, the wonderful getaway destinations are found in abundance. Here are a few places you can visit:


History buffs are in for the time of their life at the Bankura district, which is located just around 135 kilometres from Kolkata. The place came to prominence after the 17th century when it rose in cultural standing with the royal patronage of the Malla Dynasty. The terracotta temples are a great example of the grand heritage of the town. You must visit the museums and witness the Baluchari Saree weaving in the town.


Just around 35 kilometres from Kolkata, Bawali is an incredible getaway destination. You can either drive down with your family or even alone to relax and relieve the stress. The greenery that surrounds several farmhouses are great accommodation options. Drive down for the day and read your favourite books while green paddy fields decorate the scenery. It is the perfect destination for a bonfire at night and stargazing.

The Rajbari Bawali is next to the Navratna Gopinath Temple, which is a 300 years old edifice that defines the very meaning of tasteful architecture. Witnessing the rehabilitated structure and its lawns and verandahs are a must-do for anyone visiting.


Raichak is a place that feels out of the world just 50 kilometers away from the city. For all the urbanization and commercial environment, Raichak allows you to breathe easy and enjoy the nature. The riverside town is the perfect getaway for friends who work through the week. There are several forts next to the Hooghly River where you can sit and enjoy the weather.

The Raichak Fort, also known as the F Fort, was rehabilitated a few years ago. It was constructed to keep a check on the river in ancient times. The Diamond Harbor can also capture your interest, where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. The beach setting and the spellbinding view is something you should definitely witness.


All the picnickers are in for a time of their life at Deulti situated on the banks of the Roopnarayan River. It is situated next to Samtamber, which can be of particular interest to tourists as it is the hometown of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, a renowned Bengali author. You can also visit the Madangopal and Radha temples and witness the amazing Terracotta art.

The place has something for bird lovers as well. If we are talking about eating of birds then What Do Peacocks Eat and Drink in current blog. Peacocks / peafowl are omnivores, meaning They’ll eat virtually anything both plant and meat!  You can spot several species while walking on the clay paths of the villages. If you feel like you need to extend the excursion for the day, you could visit Garchumuk, Gadiara, and Kolaghat just next to the small town. You can easily get a train from the Howrah station. Alternatively, you could drive which will not take long as it is only 51 kilometers away.

Of course, Kolkata is has its own attractions that you cannot possibly witness in a day. These destinations, however, are more suitable if you are traveling to a corporate conference venue near Kolkata for work over the weekend. These places will give you great insight into the beauty of West Bengal.

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