Common types of hockey sports betting 

Interested in online sports betting? Well, the options are plenty, but the very first thing that needs to be decided is which sports to pick. Many sports can be betted on, some quite famous and some not so famous. however, the choice of sports should not be based on your popularity, but on your clarity of the sports. so are you a hockey fan and have a good knowledge of the sports and its play? Then, choose to bet on some of the most popular hockey matches and tournaments both national and international at

Choosing a bet type

When it comes to ice hockey, there are several types of bets that you can choose from. some may think that professional bet can give better returns, but if you have good knowledge then simpler bets can give better profitable payouts as well. complexity is not a factor to decide which type of bet will give what payouts, instead a strategy of betting and timing plays a very big factor.

Now let’s focus on some of the most common hockey bets that you can focus on:

Moneyline bets

In simple words, a money line bet is a bet in which you bet on who is going to win. It is one of the most common and simplest forms of betting, but if done right the payouts can be profitable. If two teams are playing say A and B, and if you think that B has bigger chances of winning the bet on B. if B wins then you win the bet. 

However, most of the sportsbooks keep the payouts adjusted because in some of the games the winner is quite inevitable and everyone will keep betting on that team only. therefore, it is always better to check the payout offered and how much you will win if the team wins.

O/U and total bets

Somewhere, the total bets are called O/U bets and somewhere else it is vice versa and this because both the betting type is the same and the name is interchangeable. Here the totals bet or O/U bet is based on the number of total goals that will be scored n the game. 

Every sportsbook like will always have a line that is a set number before the betting starts. Either you bet above the line or below the line. Usually, this line is at 5.5 goals. Also, the payouts are decided based on the game, probability of the goals and which side people are betting most for. 

Puck line bets

This is a point spread betting type and runs very similar to run line bets. In this type of betting the favorite team needs to win by more goals than the losing team. If this happens then the bettor will win the bet. The puck line set by the sportsbook is 1.5 goals (-/+). Where the favorite team will have to win by 1.5 goals more than the losing team, and the underdog will have to lose by 1.5 goals. 

Prop bets

Prop bet is short for proposition bet and is based on what will happen and what will not happen in the game. these bets are one of the most profitable bets, but one should be careful and have a good knowledge of the game. in this type of bet, one will have to bet on certain happenings like who will goal first, what will be the final score, will there be a goal in the second period. here who wins does not matter, but only the stipulations matter. 


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