Create An Impeccable PowerPoint Presentation To Captivate Your Audience Attention

Creating a good PowerPoint presentation is no less than creating art. Creating a good presentation could be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the basics of the PowerPoint and how to integrate essential elements in it. A well-structured and information-rich presentation is important because it would help your audience get what you are pitching to them. Whereas, a poorly structured presentation would leave your audience confused and out of place. This is where you need some tips to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation. The first tip is to get proper third-party templates and slides from that would make your presentation look splendid. The website has some of the best elements you could add in your presentation making it look professional. For other tips, read below.


  • No reading allowed


It should be noted that you are presenting an idea or thought or information and not just reading out to your audience. It is not a story and your audience is literate enough to read. It would be a waste of your and their time if you are reading aloud your presentation from the slides, they could have read the slides themselves. You need to give some extra information, which is not included in the slides.

Not including the complete information in the slides is a good idea which you must follow. If the slides are comprising just the key points, it would help you keep your audience engaged by providing them some extra knowledge from your side. 


  • Triple 5 rule must be followed 


The texts on your slides should be short and to the point. If you want to keep your audience engaged in the slides, just use 5 words in a sentence, don’t exceed the number of sentences in a slide by 5, and don’t use over 5 slides heavy in the text after each other. 

This would make your slides look interesting and your audience will never get bored. 


  • Always choose readable fonts 


It is an obvious fact that the audience is more attentive towards your slides than towards you. They try to read what information is given in the slides. This is the reason why you should choose a text which would facilitate easy reading and make your slide look pleasant. Fonts that are written in simple and large sizes are the best. 

Font color is also an important aspect of the slide. If the font color is not in contrast with the background of your slide, it would get lost in it. Besides this, if you will present your presentation in a dark room, the fonts should be of dark color and the background should be of lighter color and if you are presenting your presentation in a large room, the texts in the presentation should be of large size.


  • Animations are great but don’t go overboard 


Animations are a great way in which you could enhance the quality of your presentation. Some simple effects in your presentation would help you improve the quality of your slides to a great extent. However, it should be understood that these animations are just for enhancement and not the sole focus of your presentation. 

A presentation that is brimmed with animations would deter the attention of your audience and it would be hard for you to grab their attention back. These effects also add unnecessary delays in delivering the information. Sometimes, these effects could be irritating and your audience would get bored with them. 

If you are not sure what to do, add, or leave the animations, it would be wise not to add them in your presentation. Leaving them would do no harm, but adding too much of these effects will make your presentation look like a circus of fonts.

If you are going to create a presentation for your next audience, it is advised that you use the above tips. These would help you to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation that would be great in design and grab the attention of your audience. Besides, don’t forget to use the third-party elements for your presentation to give it an enhanced look. 


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