Do You Need A Permit To Add A Deck To Your Home?

If you are planning on putting up a custom deck, you will need to obtain a permit before the work begins. This may seem like an unnecessary, even invasive, additional step in the process, but it’s there to protect you and your investment to ensure the work is done properly and meets all code standards and regulations.

But hey, you don’t want any government, local or otherwise, infringing in your personal life. This is your private property, no one is going to tell you what you can and can’t do on the property you own. If you want to build a deck on it, no one needs to know and it’s none of their business anyway. Unfortunately, too many homeowners approach the building of their deck with this exact mindset and the result is often very costly.

Building Without a Permit

The consequences of building without a permit range from being fined large sums of money to your new deck getting taken down to suffering injury or worse due to poor construction performed by unlicensed and unscrupulous or poorly skilled contractors. The permit is designed to help you avoid all of these pitfalls so your new deck is built of the best quality.

In addition, most custom deck builders kenmore simply won’t do the work without a permit because it could cost them their licenses.

Some Exceptions

While a permit is required to add a deck to your home, there are some decks that are exempt from this requirement and it all depends on the size and height of the deck you plan to build. Since there are so many custom deck options available, it’s essential that you know when you’re in compliance with local regulations as to the requirements for a permit with your job.

A deck that is built more than 30 inches over adjacent grade is going to need a permit. Period. However, if your deck is less than 30 inches there’s more of a gray area. International Residential Code standards dictate that a deck below that height with an area no more than 200 square feet that is not being attached directly to the home and not being used for the mandatory exit from the home is exempt from requiring a permit before the start of construction.

But those measurements and restrictions represent just a small fraction of the types of decks that homeowners want for their homes. Therefore, most decks that are built on your property will need a permit ahead of the start of construction.

Applying for a Deck Permit

The process is actually easier than you might expect but you do need to do your homework first. Identify which agency issues building permits in your city and which facility you will need to contact about applying for one. Depending on your local regulations you may need to submit construction and site plans as to the size, scale, and location of the deck along with your application.

For contractors making the application, you will likely need to submit a copy of your license along with the other required documents.

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