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The service contract must provide for its termination terms: If the latter is for a fixed period, it ends at its end or by mutual agreement.  If the latter is for an indefinite period, each party may request the termination of the contract unilaterally. The conditions should then be fixed. You can search by breach of contract attorney near me and find the best choices there.

The terms of termination and sanction

This clause provides that if one of the parties does not comply with the obligations it has nevertheless undertaken to comply with, the party who is the victim of the unexecuted obligation may request the termination of the contract. Then, it is necessary to specify the modalities of the termination, how should it be done? You need to take care of the deadlines and the possible sanctions. There are elements of promissory estoppel in California now.

Force majeure

The parties must provide for what happens in the event of force majeure in one or other of the parties: strike, fire, war, etc. If one of these events occurs, what happens? It is for example possible to postpone the timetable for carrying out the work.

The clause related to litigation

The contract for the provision of services generally ends with a paragraph which provides the procedure to be followed in the event of a dispute, and in particular which court is competent. It is also possible to provide for arbitration or conciliation before starting legal proceedings.

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The obligations of the parties to the contract

The parties to the contracts are held to respect obligations which must be included in the contract for the provision of services. So Is there a time limit to sue for non-compete? The lawyers can guide you there.

Obligations of the service provider

He may be required to comply with other obligations under specific clauses included in the contract.

Customer obligations

The main obligation of the client is to pay the price of the services. If it is not satisfied, the service provider can suspend the execution of the contract and claim the restitution of the things possibly supplied to the customer. In addition, he must generally undertake to make available to the service provider sufficient means, access and information for the proper performance of his work.

Specific contract clauses

Each service contract may contain specific clauses. Here are a few:

Confidentiality clause

This clause is very useful when a company intends to involve a service provider on a study or research and development project. By signing the contract which includes this clause, the service provider undertakes to keep the information secret and secure it. Many models of confidentiality clauses exist and its content must be adapted on a case-by-case basis.

The obligation of result or means

The obligation of result is a clause by which the service provider is obliged to achieve a specific result. The obligation of means is a clause by which the service provider undertakes to provide all his care and his capacities to fulfill his obligation.

The ethical rules

Certain professions supervise the service contracts that professionals conclude with their clients. The ethics may impose formal rules and terms to be inserted. Public accountants must, for example, comply with several rules when they draw up a contract with a client, a contract which is called a “mission letter”.

Transfer of ownership

In the context of certain collaborations, the contract for the provision of services must provide for how the transfer of ownership of the goods resulting from the work of the service provider will take place. This clause is found in particular in the IT field or in research and development.

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