How a storage system can be meaningful for the growth of your brand


Choosing between various storage systems is a delicate operation and depends on the customer’s needs. Choosing the right solution is essential for companies and involves the analysis of several aspects, some very technical. It is possible to identify 4 basic criteria that make the balance move towards one system rather than another:

  • The storage capacity to be achieved.
  • The desired operational agility.
  • The variety and type of products stored.
  • The general cost of the solution.

In addition to exploiting the available space in the warehouse, it is necessary to take into account the vertical space. For this reason, as long as the legislation allows it, it is convenient to use systems that exploit the maximum height of the plant, or build automated warehouses of a certain height.

Consider access to forklifts

The choice of a forklift truck is crucial, especially if you use it to store goods in special places such as in printed or surface racks or in double shallow depth cabinets. This will help reduce damage for both cargo and shelving, as well as increase productivity and create a safe work area. You may have seen that through intensive Storage Solution it is possible to obtain a greater storage capacity. In other words, a larger quantity of goods can be stored with the same available surface.

Automatic storage system

The automatic storage system bases its operation on robotic equipment that carries out operations through pallet stacker cranes. Within logistics storage systems, it contains its own warehouse management software that allows the control and identification of goods.

Self-supporting storage system

The self-supporting storage system is designed for maximum profitability of the storage space, in which the shelves are those that support the facilities, eliminating the need for beams or pillars and avoiding the development of an industrial warehouse. The handling of the load is also done through stacker cranes.

Which rack system you choose?

The rack system can both improve your warehouse and destroy your distribution center. Even if you are just planning to change something or make room in your structure, you should take into account physical limitations and operating requirements before you select racks. Deep storage is the so-called “double depth” standard, represented by padded or surface racks, which allows you to dramatically increase the space you can use in your warehouse.

Examine your selection

100% selectivity greatly limits your choice. If you need constant access to certain pallets, then the method of deep storage is not for you. Perhaps misfortune can happen to you and you will be “buried” among the pallets. If the process is accompanied by the slow movement of goods, then you will have to make additional labor costs to gain access to these goods.What should your orders look like? Do you first collect pallets and crates, or do you do everything separately? First, do you determine where the bulk cargo is stored? Answers to these questions will help you select and configure your shelving system.

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