How dedicated servers work for a business?

By definition dedicated servers mean “a physical server which hosts applications and other services for a single host”. Typically they are used to host high traffic websites and web applications as well as other scenarios where optimal performance is needed. There are many different types of web hosting services; some of them are listed below:

  1. Shared hosting 
  2. VPS hosting 
  3. Cloud hosting 
  4. Dedicated server hosting 

The main difference between dedicated hosting servers and other types of hosting options is that dedicated servers are for a single tenant. Other than dedicated servers all the other hosting options divide a server between multiple users. For instance, cloud hosting server platforms divide the resources of a single server between many virtual machines. Therefore, only the dedicated server provides a single user service to the client. This makes them the most powerful hosting options.

How are dedicated servers used?

1. High-Traffic websites 

Many E-commerce stores have high traffic every day; therefore they have to use dedicated servers for better performance of their website. If a website receives many concurrent requests at the same time then many site owners prefer to upscale their servers to more powerful servers. This is because choosing a powerful server is less complex than building out clusters of many small machines to sustain the website.

2. Multiple Websites 

A high end dedicated hosting server is capable of supporting thousands of moderate to high trafficked WordPress sites.

3. Private cloud hosting

All the public cloud platforms are based on dedicated servers only and many organizations choose to lease dedicated hosting servers to manage their private cloud hosting and virtual machines. 

4. Database servers 

The main purpose of a database is to support business-critical operations and therefore they must be reliable and capable of reading and writing the data quickly.


After understanding what is the need of the website and if dedicated servers are the way to go then the next step is deciding whether to buy or rent the dedicated server. Keep in mind that it is relatively hard to find cheap dedicated servers as they offer single-tenant services. If the business decides to buy a dedicated server then they will be responsible for managing all the hardware for it whereas when a dedicated server is rented out then the burden of managing shifts to the host of the server.

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