How should you take good care for your French bull dog?

The French bulldog lives very well in an apartment, as long as he is regularly released so that he can spend his energy. But he doesn’t need big spaces, because intense physical activity is not necessary. The French bulldog is an easy dog ​​to educate, thanks to its intelligence and sensitivity. It is important to teach him as a puppy not to be jealous and possessive. As for maintenance, the French bulldog does not require special care due to its short hair.

Exercises: what to do?

Exercise requirements are low for the Frenchie. Although he is a very playful dog, he tires quickly and can do most of the exercise indoors. However, it is advisable to plan a moderate daily walk to stimulate your mind and allow it to socialize. Because it is brachycephalic, the French bulldog does not tolerate hot weather well and can be hypersensitive to anesthesia. It is also not good to force him to do intense exercises, because he can easily suffer from a thermal shock. French bulldogs often have trouble swimming because their heads are too heavy compared to the rest of their bodies, so they can drown easily.

French bulldog Hygiene –

French bulldog hygiene is simple and quick. The maintenance of soft hair is limited to a weekly brushing. It is advisable to massage hair with a rubber glove to remove dead hair. If you have a Frenchie and want to adapt a Pug, you must maintain the same hygiene. It is important to clean facial wrinkles regularly with a suitable cloth, as dirt and moisture get stuck quickly and can cause skin infections.

French bulldog hair brushing –

Care for the links is easier and simpler than with other breeds of animals, because their short hair does not require much care. The loss of hair in the French bulldog is mild. Therefore, a weekly brushing is usually sufficient to remove loose hair and an occasional bath, only when the dog is dirty or once a month.

  • Regularly check the inside of your French bulldog’s ears, which should be clean and free of bad odors.
  • Like the ears, the cleanliness of the French bulldog’s eyes should be checked regularly.
  • Obviously, if your puppy’s eyes turn red and produce purulent secretions, take him to a vet.
  • The French bulldog’s nails should be cut only when necessary.
  • You must be particularly attentive to his oral hygiene

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