How to Choose the Right Outdoor Roller Shades for Your Home

Choosing the right outdoor window treatments is essential when designing your outdoor space. They can help reduce the sun’s glare, regulate light, and maintain indoor decor.

When choosing outdoor shades, it’s also a good idea to consider the climate where you live. Consider a product that can resist wind damage or is made from weatherproof material.


Opacity is essential when choosing the right outdoor roller shades for your home. It can determine how much light will pass through your window and how much privacy you will have in your room.

When choosing the opacity of your shade, keep in mind that several options are available.

Generally speaking, the higher the opacity percentage, the less see-through the shade will be. This can also be a good option for rooms that block out glare from the outside while allowing natural light, such as a bedroom or media room.

Solar shades are offered in various opacities and openness levels, from see-through sheer fabrics to total blackout styles. Each opacity level has benefits to meet your needs, including light filtering and privacy control.

Light Control

Roller shades are a great way to control the amount of light entering your home. They come in various fabrics, ranging from sheer to blackout, depending on how much privacy you need and the amount of light control you require.

They can be installed on your window two ways – Inside Mount or Outside Mount. When choosing between these options, you need to consider how wide the shade needs to be.

The inside mount is a sleeker option that fits within the window frame. However, getting reasonable light control with this installation can take time and effort.


Choosing the right window treatment for your home is a personal journey. It’s not about style; it’s about what works best for your lifestyle and your budget.

Whether you want to unwind on your deck or relax by your garden, you’ll want to add custom outdoor shades that fit your needs. You’ll find a perfect match for your décor and lifestyle with various opacities, colors, and fabric options.

Outdoor solar shades allow sunlight to filter in for a while, blocking UV rays for added protection against sun damage. Depending on the fabric, they measure their light-blocking ability in degrees of openness – 1%, 3%, 5%, or even 10%.


Outdoor roller shades are a great option to add a sleek, sophisticated style to your home. They provide privacy, light control, and security while blocking heat and light.

They can also protect your home’s interiors from UV rays that can damage furniture and other items. They come in various colors and fabrics, making finding the right one for your home easy.

Exterior shades are an excellent option for homes in Southern California because they keep the sun’s rays from heating your indoor space and energy costs low. They also prevent heat from damaging your furniture and windows.


When choosing outdoor roller shades for your home, the fabric you select will significantly affect their effectiveness and appeal. You’ll want to pick a material that meets your needs while complementing your home’s style and landscaping.

If you like neutral and outdoorsy colors, consider using natural materials such as bamboo or wood. These will filter the light and reduce glare while keeping your patio cool and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a more durable material, choose a shade fabric made with a vinyl coating. This will ensure the fabric stays dimensionally stable and retains its shape in various applications.

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