How To Determine if Mold Exists When You Can’t See It?

Once you can see mold in your home, a mold inspection is usually unnecessary. The best time to consider mold testing is generally under the following circumstances.

When You Are Considering Buying a House

Before finalizing a house purchase transaction, it is necessary to perform an inspection to detect structural and system-wide problems. Many home inspectors do not check for mold. Still, services that perform mold testing Portland Oregon can determine if the home you are planning to purchase requires costly remediation efforts, making it less attractive for purchase.

When You Notice Leaking Pipes

A constant water drip is more than a nuisance when it promotes a damp or humid environment conducive to mold formation. Leaky pipes under your sink or in your basement may lead to mold spores in the air.

After a Flood

A damaged roof, clogged gutters, burst pipe or faulty HVAC system, can lead to flooding and water damage inside a home. It is crucial to extract excess water as quickly as possible because a damp environment can promote mold colonies within 48 hours. A professional mold testing service can detect invisible mold spores in the air or elsewhere and remove them.

When You Detect a Musty Odor

You may attribute a stale odor to your home’s age, but it is often an indication that mold exists somewhere within it. Spaces in a house with exposure to moisture and heat and lacking exposure to light are ideal breeding grounds for mold colonies. Basements and attics usually meet these criteria. If the odor is pungent and consistent, you might consider testing the air for molds spores. 

You Constantly Cough or Sneeze

Many people are allergic to mold, and if there is no obvious explanation for your persistent coughing and sneezing, invisible mold in the air may be the culprit.

Mold is not always visible, but various signs may indicate its presence.


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