How To Maintain an Attractive Storefront

An amazing marketing campaign and fantastic word of mouth can draw huge numbers of customers to a business. When they arrive, the exterior of the premises should ideally give them a great first impression. Make the business stand out with a stellar appearance.

Parking Lot

Walk around the parking lot and examine it for potholes or debris that could damage a vehicle if not avoided. Small cracks can quickly grow into big problems if not taken care of right away. If the area is dirty, then look for a parking lot sweeper Washington to clean it up. A tidy, clean parking lot looks instantly better, and problems can be spotted easier if not covered up by dirt. Have holes filled and repaint lines and markings as they wear out to keep the lot looking professional.


Signs of deterioration can be missed if on one is paying attention. Check the walls for chipped, bubbling or peeling paint. If the issue is caught early enough then the repair may be relatively cheap and easy. Open signs, blinds and posters or papers hanging in the windows should look neat and welcoming. Test the lights to make sure they all work correctly and check on the state of the roof.


Depending on the business, a profusion of colors and elaborate flower beds are not a necessity. However, burnt, dead grass and brown flower stalks are not a good look for any business. Keep the grass healthy and neatly cut and edged to avoid an unkempt lawn. Any flowers should be properly cared for and removed or cut back when they die.

It is easy to become complacent and not notice the outside of the structure. Try to walk around the outside of the property and view it through the eyes of a customer to figure out what improvements should be made. Remember, an appealing storefront will probably never drive away clients.


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