Is Ketosteril a good medicine for treating CKD?

Ketosteril is a supplement given to patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Ketosteril for CKD patients is known to reduce the progression and the impact of the disease. It contains proteins that will help build cells and muscles in the body and keep the protein content in the body in normal quantities.

Ketosteril is usually used for patients with kidney problems but also has some other functions where it is appropriate to be taken:

The glomerular filtration rate is 25 ml/min


Lack of protein in the body

  The list is incomplete and there may be other uses and functions of Ketosteril. Do not take this medicine even if other people with the same symptoms take it. Please consult your doctor or specialist before using this medication.

Medicines are a group of drugs used to cure a disease or to control a disease progression. Supplements, on the other hand, are used to aid the action of medicines or body mechanisms in handling certain illnesses. In order to label a drug as medicine, more detail and demanding technical procedures are needed in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of that drug. Supplements, on the other hand, have fewer filters and barriers to comply with. You can easily buy a supplement upon advice from a doctor but a medicine needs a proper indication before it can be purchased by a patient.

Supplements like ketosteril are mostly used not to cure but to aid a treatment plan. Ketosteril is a good supplement for chronic kidney disease patients as it provides the needed protein at a safe and optimum level. Protein is important for our body, but, CKD patients are always advised to go on a low protein diet. They are sometimes advised to go for a vegan diet. This is because a high level of protein will affect the kidneys and worsen patients’ condition. Ketosteril is the answer to a balance between demand and protein restriction.

The effects of Ketosteril drug depends on its use and dosage taken. Let say symptoms do not decrease, please talk to the doctor for another solution.

You are advised to take this medicine during meals or after meals. This medication should only be taken after a dose determined by the doctor.

You can buy Ketosteril from the nearest pharmacy. There is also another generic version. Generally, these drugs are not considered overpriced and may be taken as prescribed in a doctor’s prescription.

Please check the expiry date above the drug package. How to take Ketosteril? – Swallow the pill and do not chew. Take according to the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Before taking Ketosteril, please refer to the doctor’s advice especially if you have any of the following illnesses. Contraindicated disease:

-Allergies to Ketosteril or any other of its ingredients


-Liver disease

-It is not recommended for use by babies. Please keep it away from them.



Please stop taking the medication if you have the following symptoms.

The reaction between Ketosteril medicine:

Reaction varies by individual. You are encouraged to ask your doctor about the possibility of reactions between the medicines before taking them.



-Medication that contains calcium

-Aluminum hydroxide

  This is an incomplete list of reactions between medicines and illnesses that may interfere with Ketosteril drugs. Before you take this medicine, please tell your doctor about all the medicines you take.

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