Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are spectacular lustrous, natural gemstones developed by live water organisms. So, you will find that each and every pearl differs in terms of shape, size, color, surface and luster quality. When you are in the jewelry store to buy them then you will be startled at the varieties. Choosing can become exciting if you are aware of the mistakes to avoid while buying pearls.

Understand the difference between fake and real pearls

Fake pearls resemble cultured or real natural pearls but are produced from glass beads and coated with compound got from fish scales. This coating eventually wears away, so they have no inherent long-term value. Check this website to get familiar with how to identify real pearl from fake.

Get to know that cultured pearls are also termed as natural

The salesperson at the jewelry store may tell you that these are natural pearls instead of cultured. Therefore, it is necessary to know that 99.9% pearls sold in the market are cultured. Real pearls are rare and heavily expensive.

It can be seen in some auction or at a museum. Pearls are grown in a farm with little intervention from humans. The rest is left to nature, so they can be called natural pearls.

Freshwater pearls are of poor quality and cheap

In the 80s, freshwater pearls had low luster and yellowish color. Nevertheless, with advanced cultivation technique the pearls quality has significantly improved. Today, they can rival the South Sea and Akoya pearls in respect to luster and size.

There are still poor-quality freshwater pearls sold at high prices. They are off-round shaped with visible blemishes and dim reflection. Therefore, be cautious of such pearls.

Paying high for pearls with lots of blemishes

People say that pearl surface with plenty of blemishes is a real one, so the price is high. It is a misleading concept. Obviously, many natural or cultivated pearls have imperfections but if you want a good quality pearl jewelry that can maintain its value then look for one with few, small, and imperceptible blemishes.

Select pearls that will capably handle test of time!

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