Preparing for a Hurricane: 3 Things You Should Do

Hurricane season tends to run from June to November, with many of the storms beginning to hit in late August or September. Homeowners living on a coastline should prepare early if a system pops up quickly and heads your way. Even a low-grade hurricane can wreak havoc on a home. By taking a few early precautions, you could make a major difference in how your place holds up in the gale. Here are three things to do at the start of the season.

  • Review the Status of the Roof

Be sure that the roofing is stable and sturdy enough to handle the wind speeds coming through. This top is your first line of defense in protecting your residence and yourself. Have an expert come over and inspect the shingles and flashing. You want to ensure that they are in place without too much wear and tear. If there are areas of concern, specialists in roof repair St Louis County MO can assist you in fixing the trouble.

  • Stock Up on Supplies

Some families wait to pick up water and supplies when a storm is named, but this could put you and others in massive lines searching for what you require. Grab a tote, and label it “hurricane supplies.” Fill it now with the essentials:

  • Bottled water
  • Nonperishable food
  • Batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Portable cell charger
  • First aid kit

These items do not expire right away. While crowds of people hunt down bottled water, you’ll be set.

  • Have an Escape Plan

Some people don’t mind sitting through a big storm; however, you should know if you are in a flood or evacuation zone. If you are, know where to go in the event of mandatory departure. Also, storms above a level 3 are hard for some to wait out. There may be a loss of power and the inability to leave home. Decide on a possible place to go out of the hurricane cone.

These systems move at various rates, and one of them can creep up quickly. Be proactive in your preparations.


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