Pressure Washing Tips For Newbies

You newbies you have never seen nor touched a power washer before need to listen up. This equipment is very powerful and has the ability to clear out all kinds of thick, caked-on grime and dirt from years of neglect. But that also means this type of equipment can also be harmful to yourself, other humans, animals, even the surfaces that you are trying to clean if you are not careful or you use the power washer improperly.

Safety first, newbies. That’s the word of the day here and you need to know what you’re dealing with before you hook up the machine and start washing down the surfaces of your house, your backyard deck, even the car, or your BBQ grill.

So heed these power washing tips newbie and you’ll be satisfied with the look of your home and surrounding areas when you’re all done.

Never Point At Others

This should go without saying because it’s most important. You must NEVER aim the nozzle of the spigot at others people or pets. The water being expelled from the nozzle comes out at extremely high levels of pressure and you could injure or even kill someone or something.

Nozzle Options

The nozzle you select for the power washer will dictate how hard and fast the water is expelled. You have a wide variety of streams and accompanying strengths for all manner of surfaces and cleaning jobs. Choosing the right nozzle for the work that needs to be done will make the difference between doing a good job and doing a great job on the surface you intend to clean.

Test Your Surfaces First

Always, always be sure that the surface you plan to clean can withstand the force of the water you plan to expel towards it. Check the surface first, whether it’s the exterior of your home or the surface of your driveway. Cracks and fractures that evident in these things can lead to damage. You should also avoid using high powered streams on windows as you could very easily shatter the glass and flood the house or your car.

Water Temperature

Pressure is only part of the power washing equation, the other is temperature. Hot water is going to be more effective when combined with pressure when you are trying to clear away thick build-up that has been left behind for long periods of time. Not all surfaces need high temperatures and extreme pressure to be cleaned. So make a judgment call for the job you need to do.

Call In The Experts

You may not want to worry about all of these potential hazards and your best bet is to call fence power washing ozarkmo or home power washing services to do the work for you. That way you need not be concerned about causing damage to your home or any surrounding areas or structures. In some cases, an expert’s touch may be best because professional cleaners will have stronger and more effective power washing equipment than you might be able to obtain.

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