Read about how the leaderboards of Khel Champs works to win huge

Online games are more fun when there is a level of competition. Nowadays different online gaming platforms like Khel Champs and GetMega offer a wide array of games. Also, to draw the interest of gaming enthusiasts, these platforms provide a ranking and scoring system. In the gaming world, the place where these ranks and scores are recorded is called the leaderboard. 

Leaderboards allow gamers to keep a track of their scores. A player by monitoring the leaderboards from time to time can analyse different playing skills. He can even implement them in the following games. Further, leaderboards notify gamers of the upcoming matches and tournaments from where players can even win exciting cash prizes. A gaming app can stand out in the market if the developers create an intriguing leaderboard. Let’s take Khel Champs and GetMega into consideration and analyse how the leaderboards work. 

Khel Champs 

Khel Champs is an online gaming app that features a variety of fantasy sports like Football, Cricket and Kabaddi. This platform also offers a set of leagues including BPL Fantasy leagues, Fantasy cricket leagues, Karnataka League, Tamil Nadu League and Indian Fantasy Leagues. Since leaderboards are the quintessential part of an online gaming platform, Khel Champs offers the same where players can enjoy a series of contests. Through these boards, players get to challenge other participants and win real money. Further, Khel Champs’ leaderboards help gamers to see their ranks. The more a person wins matches the more money he gets. Further, by viewing the leaderboards, gamers get to analyse their playing skills and sports acumen. 

Khel Champs with its simple User Interface provides a seamless gaming experience to the users. Also, the developers of this gaming app promise to deliver hassle-free, transparent, credible and entertaining experiences to the players. Khel Champs with its aesthetically pleasing UI satisfies gamers’ needs. By using this 100% assured app, players can enjoy a fantastic virtual gaming experience. Further, Khel Champs offer a refer and earn feature with which players can earn extra rewards apart from real money. The app also makes the right use of the 128-bit SSL encryption to make safer deposits via credit/debit cards. 


GetMega is an online gaming platform that boasts games like Rummy, Poker, Warship, GoPool, Carrom, PickMe, 123 and GK. These popular games are based on three categories namely Cards, Casual and Trivia. Players with only 100% verified accounts can register with this platform. The 24×7 leaderboards are the most striking feature of GetMega. Based on the game types, these leaderboards allow users to keep a track of their scores. Featuring both task and winning based leaderboards, GetMega also helps users to see their opponents’ performance. Further, these leaderboards give players an opportunity to win exciting prizes like gold coins and mobile phones. By securing the first 10 ranks on these leaderboards, players can daily win real money. 

GetMega’s User Interface is clean and intuitive. Keeping in mind the psychology and gameplay, this app provides an extremely user-friendly interface. Also, GetMega offers horizontal and vertical gameplays based on the games. For instance, if a person plays Rummy or GoPool he will experience horizontal gameplay. In case the person is playing Poker, Carrom or Warship he will experience vertical gameplay. GetMega further uses vibrant colours for the key elements which make them easy for gamers to identify. This online gaming app by featuring referral rewards and sign-up bonuses makes itself the best gaming platform. With a certification from RNG, GetMega uses Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics to ensure security. 

Now that you know leaderboards’ role in online gaming, browse through the different aspects of a gaming app’s leaderboard functionalities. Consider playing games on Khel Champs and GetMega to win huge.

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