Robotic Automation

Most of us have a vague knowledge when it comes to robotics. For some of us, our beliefs may be founded on sci-fi movies or books we’ve red. Although most content from these sources are false, there is however some truths in these beliefs since some of the innovations we see today we built from such media.

Robots have thus, risen to become very crucial in automating industries and businesses. Since most people do not really understand the concept of robotic automation, this article will seek to enlighten you on the topic.

What is Robotic Automation?

Robotic automation is simply the incorporation of computer software and AI, in form of robots and Cobots (Collaborative robots), in a business to conduct some of the routine, repetitive and even complex tasks. This creates more time for the business to work on customer satisfaction and improving their quality.

The stiff competition in today’s market has forced many industries to opt for robotic automation as a way of gaining advantage over their competitors. This has created a huge demand for robots and more recently Cobots, which have proved to be more effective.

What does automation mean for you?

1. Quality and Accurate work.

The saying man is to error is greatly displayed in industries and businesses. Human workers are bound to make mistakes and this may result in poor quality products and services. Also, the fact that we can’t deliver 100% accurate work may lead to costly losses.

Robots however, are programmed to conduct tasks with complete accuracy and without faults in the productions. This means that automation ensures completely accurate and high-quality work.

2. Efficiency.

Are you having trouble meeting deadlines or even attaining the expected production rate? Automation may as well be your solution. Incorporating Cobots in your industry allows the robot and workers to work alongside each other thus allowing them to complete tasks faster.

The Cobots accuracy will also ensure that the materials are used efficiently thus ensuring that both the budgeted costs and time factors are both met.

3. Budget saver!

Unlike human workers who get tired and need frequent breaks, robots are able to work 24/7 everyday with minimal maintenance. It is also much faster than humans thus can do a lot of work within a short time. This ensures a higher output in production thus increased profits. It can also complete work that would alternatively be done by numerous workers at a faster and more accurate way thus saving the company costs that would be incurred.

4. Increased productivity.

Automation of activities in an industry frees workers from basic repetitive tasks such as picking products and packaging them or even lifting things, and allowing them to focus on more important and critical tasks. Cobots are easily programmable even by workers with no experience and thus frees the IT technicians allowing them to work on other projects. This results in an increased productivity and thus more profits.

5. Safety of the workers.

Using robots and Cobots to conduct the tasks that are deemed as a health and security hazard for human workers.  Cobots flexibility allows them to be subjected to almost any environment will work effectively without posing a threat to any workers around. This means your workers are relieved off working in dangerous environments and thus get a better place to apply their skills.

6. Amazing Customer experience

Automating your customer care and service delivery systems means that the process will be much faster and more effective. This ensures that the customers queries are answered almost immediately. Cobots and Chatbots are able to serve more than one person at a time thus creating a fast system. This creates a good experience for your customers.


In as much as robotic automation is still in its inception, it has continued to produce incredible results when applied to industries and businesses and has thus transformed the industrial world. This means, that for your industry to grow in today’s market, robotic automation is one thing you should hold dear.

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