Side Gigs To Earn Extra Money for Your Family

15 Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

If you are a stay-at-home mother, you may be looking for ways to supplement your family’s income. There are multiple side hustles that can help you earn a few extra dollars every month. You just have to figure out what your talents are and hone those skills. If you are considering a side gig, think about these three.

Voice Acting

If you think you would be a talented female voice actor in NY, you can try reading audiobooks or singing and selling your art. This can be a fun way to earn some extra money, and you can break into a niche that can be profitable for years to come. Just be sure that you have proper recording equipment and a quiet place to record in your home.

Freelance Writing

Writing can be a great way to earn money for your family. You can start your own blog or you can write for a company that pays content writers. You need to have a working computer and a quiet place to focus on your writing. You can make a schedule for yourself with specific hours during the day that you work on this endevour.


If you are handy with crochet needles or the sewing machine, you can create handmade goods that can be sold at craft fairs or websites. When you are trying to price your items, consider the cost of all your materials as well as the time it took you to make the item. Be sure that you look into seller fees on any websites that you post to as well.

It can be very rewarding to earn some extra cash for your family, and these are just a few fun ways to get started. With a little hard work and time commitment, you can be on your way to finding the perfect side gig.

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