The Advice you need on how to make company catering affordable

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You don’t have to blow the budget for company catering. In fact, you can professionally cater to virtually any business function for little more than it would cost you to make the food yourself or pick up something from the shop. 

The benefits of getting your food handled by a professional caterer are convincing, saving you time, hassle and money. When you’re done, your caterer will bring your meals, set up, have all the requisite service products and clean up. This means that you always come across a highly competent company that cares enough to serve flavorful, well-prepared food to your employees and guests. And you can keep your catering costs to a minimum when you follow these easy and successful tips.

Choose Cost-Effective Choices for Menus 

Ultimately, the catering expenses rely on the cost of supplies and the time and effort that the caterer needs to spend in planning. It is less costly to cook certain dishes and forms of cuisine, and that helps reduce the cost.

Some of the least expensive choices are often Italian-themed menus, but your guests will enjoy these dishes as much (or more) than any other form of cuisine. Stick with basic pasta dishes or ask your caterer to recommend the choices that are most cost-effective.

Just Order What You Need 

Corporate customers prefer to order more food than they need while they are planning for a business catering function. The explanation for over-ordering is comprehensible-you never want to be caught short on food-but in most cases it is not appropriate.

Depending on the number of guests you will have at your function, speak to your business caterer about quantities. Catering firms are specialists in deciding the correct amount of food and you can trust them to make sure that you have enough to keep everybody well-fed.

Opt for Service Buffet-Style 

In most cases, serving a buffet-style menu for your business event participants can help keep your costs down. When the catering company is able to bring in food pans and set them up on a buffet line, when they are ready, guests serve themselves. This minimizes the staff needed for your event to be handled. It also makes it easier for your guests to only take the foods and serving sizes they want.

Ask for budget-friendly tips from your company caterer 

Don’t hesitate to speak to your caterer and explain that you have a small budget for your job. They will send you tips and strategies for high-impact, low-cost menus that can help save you money.

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