The Many Ways Being Location Independent Can Change Your Skincare

Traveling while working is different from traveling for work. You’re not limited to one small suitcase when you plan to live in a different location every few months. You also have the option to switch from one coffee shop to another–that also counts as being location independent. At the heart of this work setup, however, is change. And that change could be detrimental to your skin.

Here are the many ways being location independent calls for change in your skincare:

 Water is Different Per Location

The spring water you enjoy at home, straight out of the tap, must have done quite a lot of good things for your skin. Unfortunately, you don’t get to enjoy the same effects on your skin if you get hard water from the tap. Hard water can, in fact, make your skincare more challenging because your facial wash or exfoliant might not work like they used to. These are not problems in the products you’ve been buying for years when you go cosmetics online shopping; rather, it’s because of the change in the water that you use to wash your face.

Your Sleep Pattern Changes

When you get used to a room or a place, you can rest easily and get plenty of sleep without worries. However, if you’re always adjusting to a new destination because you choose to travel the world along with work, you’re not getting that feeling of settling down and having a permanent place to stay. While part of this is psychological, it also manifests physically through breakouts or undereye bags. You may also feel unable to focus or just have a hard time generally. You could be feeling homesick, or you could also be feeling uncertain about your future. That’s not such an uncommon feeling when you’re always on the road and the lines between working and living get blurred.

Temperature Is Unpredictable

If you’re from a tropical country, experiencing extreme cold may be completely new to you when you first move in. It’s fun at first, and you get to wear outfits you never could wear back home. You enjoy the cold, and perhaps the snow, until you notice your skin flaking and being extremely dry. The same is true when you’re moving into a tropical country from a country that’s used to colder temperatures. The change is new to your skin, and it will react in unpredictable ways. For this, you’ll want to switch to products for sensitive skin. For lotions, choose a lighter formulation that can easily be absorbed by your skin, and carry around a small bottle in your pouch so that you can reapply when you notice your skin looking extra dry.

You care for your skin following a series of steps that you have curated and found effective over time. However, when you decide to move and be location independent, there needs to be some adjustments to your skincare to adapt to the new location. Do this so that you can always enjoy your beautiful skin wherever you are.

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