The Role of SMS Archiving in Financial and Governmental Sectors

Financial institutions and governmental sectors have seen the growing importance of text messaging. With the young generations starting to use SMS to communicate with each other, businesses and government agencies have adopted communication channels to interact with their clients.

Because of text messaging’s popularity, organizations should learn how to archive text messages to comply with regulations. Despite the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, fast and agile mobile communication is a critical strategy in the financial services and public sector.

Communicating through SMS may be convenient for the company and its employees. However, it can also trigger several risks, such as money laundering, fraud, and non-compliance in government agencies. With these concerns, companies must archive text messages to safeguard data and prevent WhatsApp fines.

Archiving Old Threads

Text messaging is a prevalent means of communication, especially among younger generations. But many individuals have numerous untouched message threads in their inboxes.

Fortunately, Android’s Messages app offers a built-in archiving feature, allowing users to clean up their inboxes and store old threads while keeping the ones they still use. As such, they can easily access and restore messages whenever needed without relying on third-party apps.

Improved SMS Backup

If you are an Android user, backing up mobile SMS has been enhanced with the introduction of Android’s built-in SMS Backup. It means you can now use Google’s improved system backup feature to safeguard and restore your messages on your devices.

While this new built-in SMS backup is a valuable tool, it eliminates the need for manual backups. However, there are some limitations. Users can’t manually view or restore the backed-up messages, and they can’t access them from other devices. Most backup methods are inefficient for businesses, so looking for a reliable and productive one like TeleMessage Archiving Solution is essential.


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