Things to Know About Roof Leaks

If they are not detected and repaired immediately, roof leaks can cost you thousands of dollars as they slowly damage your home. Therefore, it is vital to understand the signs of a leaking roof and hiring a contractor that provides quality roofing Daytona Beach.

Obvious Signs

By the time the signs become obvious, your leak is extensive and has caused significant damage to your home’s interior and possibly its exterior. Obvious signs of roof leaks include water spots or stains on your home’s walls and ceilings, around the windows and doors and around bathroom fans. Your ceilings may also be dripping. External signs may include missing or damaged shingles and flashing. You may also see wet spots on your roof deck while you are in the attic. All of these signs mean you have major leaks.

Less-Obvious Signs

You may find mold in various places inside your home. At times, this mold may be from leaky faucets or plumbing, but inside the walls, where the roof meets exterior walls and under the roof decking, this mold suggests a leaky roof. Nails in the decking that missed the studs and appear frosty may also cause leaking. Also, check your external walls for dampness and moss. Damaged roof vents, including housing and seams. Finally, watch for dripping, overflowing or rusty gutters.

Causes of Leaks

Of course, roof leaks can be caused by damaged or cracked shingles. However, they can also be caused by damaged or missing flashing, which is often overlooked. Ice dams from heavy freezing rain and snowfall may also cause leaking as the water penetrates the shingles as it thaws and freezes. Clogged soffits may also cause leaking because the airflow is negatively impacted, increasing moisture buildup.

Roof leaks should be detected and fixed quickly to prevent further damage to your home. Consider working with a reputable roofing contractor if you find leaks in your home.

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