Top 3 Movies which are Based on True Story

Telugu movies are best known to bring out a director’s creative thoughts in film. It is amazing how an individual can imagine a somehow dangerous stunt and still portray it so vividly you would think it happened in real life. Compared to fictional films, true stories are not thought-of events; these are real incidents with real-life experiences. Tollywood, with its rising popularity in some of the Indian states, has also produced a collection of these stories based on real-life occurrences.

Telugu Film Industry are in search of These true stories, bring a historical simulation of a period in time when real individuals, though not the main cast in the film, had to go through. True stories, unlike the other genres, have minimal room for interference. However, they offer the production crew freedom of creativity.

With a growing audience for these real-life instances compiled in storyboards, the past can be well understood and interpreted. Here are some of Tollywood’s real story-based movies that Telugu natives have come to adore:


The plot of this 1995 action-filled romance film was inspired by the massive trafficking of young girls that had hit the Indian media by that time. It was so rampant that it ceased being news any longer. The young ladies would be trafficked to Dubai by the agents who would not provide their victims with any information on where they were being taken and why. In this film, Set in the backdrop of the human trafficking of young girls to Dubai, the story revolves around a young man who is desperate to save the love of his life and sets off on a treacherous path to get her back when a malicious hooligan kidnaps her.

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After falling madly in love and a passionate affair with Indu, the local politicians’ daughter, Shiva, is heartbroken over facing disapproval from the elders. Constant violent encounters and hurt ramblings later, Shiva uncovers Indu’s dark secret. A true story that happened in the Telugu state will leave you in shock.

Killing Veerappan

Killing Veerappan is a drama-filled documentary that led to Operation Cocoon, an operation formed by the special task force to capture and kill Veerappan and his gang for their notoriety killings. He (Veerappan) defies orders from government officers. He forms a small army that is held responsible for several crimes, including killing 184 people, half of which were believed to be police officers. The hot pursuit is also because the victim poached 200 elephants, smuggled ivory, and sandalwood. After several attempts of failed arrests, a team of undercover cops is set to bring Veerappan and his gang out, and the police finally kill the whole troop in gunfire.


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