Ways To Protect Your House From Hurricanes

Do you live in an area that is hit by hurricanes? Are you unsure which steps to take to protect your home? Hurricanes are a mighty force and can cause a tremendous amount of damage. However,  following these steps will help mitigate some of the problems they can bring.

Check Your Windows

Windows are a big weak spot for a house during hurricane season, so you want to protect them the best way you can. Install impact-resistant shutters that bolt completely closed. Also, check the caulking and glazing on the window and replace any that has cracked or come off. You could also consider using impact resistant windows West Palm Beach services to completely replace your windows.

Inspect the Roof

Loose shingles or tiles can be a hazard in a hurricane. They can allow wind under the other roofing materials, which can cause more damage. Additionally, water can get under the shingles and can cause damage to the wood underlay. Every year when you are preparing for hurricane season, look over your roof and immediately replace any curling, missing, damaged shingles.

Don’t Neglect the Basement

Big storms can bring down a lot of water in a very short time, which can quickly cause flooding. Because they are underground, basements are at a greater risk of being damaged from even a small flood. Install a sump pump and routinely check that it is in good working order. It is pretty common to lose power in a hurricane, so don’t forget to have a backup power source for the pump. It won’t do you any good if it can’t work. Finally, check for potential clogs. Floods bring a lot of debris, and they can easily get caught in your pump. A clogged pump won’t pump the water out quick enough, and it could cause the engine to burn out.

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