What Are the Ways to Test Originality of Pearls?

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Though you may get different types of exotic and valuable kinds of pearls available in the market, not all of them are authentic. To make the right purchase, it becomes necessary to choose the pearl only after getting assured of its authenticity.

Doing Visual Tests

You can look for tiny imperfections. A real pearl will not be 100% perfect. They will have either blemishes or irregular shape or both.  On the other hand, artificial pearls will be almost perfect with a perfectly spherical shape and radiating equal amount of shine on each of its parts. You will not be able to see any imperfections or indentations on it.

Watch for an overtone

A real or good-quality pearl is valued for its overtones. It is the subtle color that is clearly seen on the external surface of a pearl when light falls on it. Artificial pearls don’t have such overtone effect. They are hard to duplicate.

Thus, if you think that your pearl looks a little shaded with color at the time when light hits it, then it is a real one. If you don’t see any visible overtone on the pearl then it implies that it is a fake pearl.

Notice any line in the hole between the nucleus and nacre.

A real pearl has a clear external nacre layer, whereas synthetic pearls do not have a nacre layer or have a very thin layer of it. This line separates the nucleus (inside region) from the nacre, (outside region).

Doing Touch Tests

Rub a pearl against front teeth in a sideways motion. A high-quality pearl will have a little coarse texture and little imperfections in the external nacre layer. A fake pearl is made using plastic and glass that would have a smooth surface.

It is important to clean your teeth before you perform the test, as food particles from your recent meal could result in wrong outcome.


All the above steps are simple and effective to determine which pearl is real and which is fake. By implementing these steps, you can easily save yourself from making a regretful purchase.   

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