What Do You Need to Know About Hoarding?

When a person starts to hoard, it isn’t very easy for him to let go of all his stuff. It does not matter if his things are cheap or expensive. But the point is he will not allow people to touch things without his permission.

Many hoarders do not have the idea that their attitude can affect other people, especially family members. People who suffer from this condition need serious intervention. If you happen to have a friend or a family member who needs help in letting go of his belongings, you may reach out to companies that offer professional cleaning services in Delray Beach.

What are the common signs and symptoms of a hoarding issue?

  • They collect almost anything that they find useful. Empty plastic bottles, take out containers, old clothes, shoes, bags, and so much more.
  • They stop inviting people to come and visit their home. Many hoarders tend to isolate themselves and live alone.
  • They experience agitation when other people offer to help clean their place. They cling to their material possessions as if they are their lifeline.
  • They no longer care about personal hygiene. Their house is full of trash to the point that things are no longer sanitary.
  • They tend to buy multiple items all at once because they can no longer find their possessions. The amount of clutter inside their home seems so overwhelming that you yourself do not know how to start cleaning.

What are the reasons behind a person’s decision to hoard?

  • Hoarders have this mentality that everything has a purpose. They do not want to throw things away because it could be useful one of these days.
  • Hoarders hold on to something because of sentimental reasons. Every item that they cling to has a story behind it. It reminds them of good memories and the people close to them.
  • A hoarder sees their clutter as their security blanket.

Are there people who hoard animals?

Yes, there are some reported cases of animal hoarding. These people love to buy or breed animals (mostly pets) until it reaches an alarming number. Most of these poor animals end up neglected and eventually die. Animal hoarders are as equally destructive as those who collect junk inside their homes.

What can you do to help them?

Hoarders, in general, have a mental illness. If you know someone who has poor living conditions, offer help right away. A hoarder needs to have an appointment with a psychiatrist for an assessment. The doctor can help determine the primary reasons why a person decides to hoard things or animals.

You should take this kind of issue seriously. Instead of making fun or being rude to hoarders, it would be nice to treat them with genuine concern and compassion. These people are struggling to live a healthy life every day but do not know where to start. You can be part of that change by giving recommendations. Do not expect significant results right away, but small changes are always better than nothing at all.

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