What Is Better: Contact Lenses Or Glasses?

Among the 200 million people that need or have received eye care in their life, 61% decided to wear glasses and not contacts. However, this is not because it’s better, but it’s because these people decided like that.

In this article, we’re talking about the differences between these two. Is it better to buy a new pair of eyeglasses or is it better to buy contact lenses? Read on and learn all about it!

Eyeglasses are more hygienic

The main reason why people like glasses more is that they are more hygienic and convenient. It’s very easy to take on and off a pair of them. Unlike the contacts that need a special condition to be kept in and it takes a lot of effort to put them on the eye or off our head.

The only hygiene the glasses need is for them to be placed inside a case when they are not being used. Also, it’s good to go over them with a soft wipe that will make them perfectly clean and you’ll be able to see clearly through them. Read more about eyewear and hygiene here.

Having them clean is very important because if they are not you won’t see well, of course. But is this the only reason? Not really. The real reason is that if there are spots on them our vision will focus on the dots and will have trouble focusing on what is actually needed.

This damages the sight and the main reason why we have eyewear is to correct our vision and make it better. That means hygiene is the most important in this case and if you don’t take care of them as you should, you’re doing the complete opposite thing that will additionally ruin your sight.

Contact lenses are stylish

When you have contacts on you, no one can see that you have a vision problem. You get to see clearly and nothing is obstructing your sight. A lot of people who decided to get contacts admit that they did it because the frames of the glasses were too annoying for them. They had to constantly struggle with them and they were often blocked to see what they wanted.

With this option, nothing is in front of you. You get to see clearly and there’s no blocking of any kind. The lenses are completely natural and unnoticeable.

On top of everything, they can help you get a completely different look. Today, a lot of manufacturers sell contacts that are made in a different color. With it, you can change your eye color depending on what you like more. If you want to try this idea, just google for contact lenses near me and visit some of the stores on the map or search the internet for some online products.

Which one is more expensive?

This is definitely a matter of debate. If we’re talking about a one-time payment, the contact lenses are more affordable. If we’re talking about something that will last a longer period, then the glasses are the better choice.

How can this be? Well, lenses are the ones that need often change. They are also more fragile and often get damaged. The standard changing time of disposable lenses is 1 to 3 months. The standard ones can be changed once or twice a year.

Compared to this, the frames and glasses can go as long as you take good care of them or as long as your vision stays the same. You probably know that your sight can change over time. Sometimes it will heal and sometimes it will get worse. The optometrist might give you a prescription for new ones over time and this will dictate what kind you need.


Now you know the differences between the two. It’s up to you to decide which one suits you more. If you don’t mind picking inside your eyes to put in and take out the contacts then maybe the lenses are the better idea.

If you hate this and you don’t mind having a visual aid on your head and you like the way you look, maybe you should go with the other option.

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