What is so special about the Rummy games in India? Play online to know


Rummy Online - Know the Rummy Game and Rules

The origin of the card game rummy is interesting. While the most popular versions of the game are the Indian rummy and the Gin rummy, many people believe that Spaniards are the brains behind this interesting skill-based game. While there is another school of theory that brings in Ancient Greeks in the play, another claim Asians owned the skills in card games to develop this adrenaline-inducing game.

Yet the fact remains that Indian rummy with 13 cards and a joker not only made the game interesting but also enabled infinite combination modes making the game almost indecipherable. Still, once the game commences a seasoned player knows the techniques to understand each move and trick their opponents to play into their hands, literally.

Want to understand the craze about rummy? Play and understand

Unlike other card games, rummy is not based on luck. Rather games rummy requires skills that also help a player understand corporate strategies better. There are some other great benefits that make this game a favorite amongst Indian players. These are:

  • A great joining reward.

When players get the rummy app and join the game for the first time they get a whopping Rs. 2000 as a welcoming reward. This cash can be used to play on other cash rummy tables and increase the amount. Throughout the month there are various promotions that the app notifies the players about. These promotions and bonuses make cash earnings more throughout the day.

  • Playing anytime with the app.

Whether a player is commuting or having an off period at work, they can convert those free minutes to earn cash benefits. The rummy app requires very little data and the small app size makes it ideal for any smartphone. Players can always log in to their accounts to earn more cash. For newcomers, a player can increase their skills by practicing on free tables.

  • Not missing a tourney, not missing a chance to earn.

The cash and freeroll tourneys are one of the best ways to increase the cash amount. Yet many players miss the chance to take their seats even when they have enlisted in the games. Sometimes it is due to the lack of access to the game and sometimes it’s due to tiredness after a long day. With the app, players can play as many tourneys throughout the day no matter where they are.

  • Playing with multiple players, anytime.

Online rummy games connect people from every corner of the country. These people need not be acquaintances. This anytime connectivity makes practicing the game interesting and engaging. Players don’t have to wait for long for other players to join their table.


When players play rummy games online they not only enjoy a relaxed yet focused gaming experience but also win some good cash. The skill-based game with cash benefits from bonuses, promotions and a handsome welcoming reward makes the game of rummy even more popular amongst Indian players. Add to the fact that the game can be accessed and played anytime people simply love unwinding even during heavy traffic jams.

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