What to Consider Before Buying a Beach House

If you are thinking about buying a beach house as a vacation home, there are several things you should take into consideration. Beach houses provide a wonderful spot for family and friends to gather and create cherished memories, but just like any house, they require maintenance.


When choosing a beach house, the first thing to consider is the location. You may have chosen your full-time home because of its proximity to stores and restaurants. You might have different needs for your vacation home, however, and prefer that it be more isolated or off the beaten bath. Whether you are looking at beach houses in North Carolina, Florida, Texas or Oregon, one of the best ways to decide if you like the location is to get a rental in the area for several weeks and live like a local.

Solid Construction

Beach homes take a beating with the sun, salty air and occasional to frequent high winds. It’s imperative that you get a house with a solid foundation and wind-resistant building materials. If the area that you’re looking at is prone to flooding (as most coastal areas are) consider buying a house built on stilts. In the event of a flood, the majority of your belongings would be high and dry. Extra building features to look for are wind-resistant metal roofs and impact windows.

Outdoor Space

You will no doubt want to spend a considerable amount of time outside while at your beach house, so be sure to consider the comfort of the outdoor living area. Which way does the outdoor patio face? Is the view spectacular or does it face the highway? Imagine how easy or difficult it will be to walk to the water. Is there a path? Do you have to cross a busy road?

Beach homes can be a great investment both financially and personally. If you do decide to buy a house on the beach, make sure it’s one that will fit the needs of you and your family for years

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