What to Do If Air Compressor is Not Working?

When your air compressor is not working, you may be looking for solutions. There are several common causes of this problem. If you notice your air compressor is not working, follow these tips to fix it quickly. After you’ve taken care of these problems, you’ll be able to use your air compressor again! Symptoms

To conduct an air compressor repair charlotte nc may not be as simple as adjusting the oil to eliminate the noise. While some noise is normal, other problems may be much more severe. For example, the compressor may be experiencing noise when hitting the valve plate, in addition to oil leaks. To determine the cause of the noise, you should brush the inside of the compressor with a solution of dish soap and water. If you notice bubbles or see any dirt, you should replace the air compressor or check its cylinder head. In addition, noise may signify loose parts in the compressor, such as pulleys, cooler, flywheel, and belts. In some cases, the crankcase is defective. It may require oil, bearings, or even replacement in such cases.

Oily discharges could be caused by a dirty oil filter or restricted air intake. Other causes include worn piston rings, a contaminated filter, and a leaky hose connected to the compressor. Therefore, it is essential to check your air compressor’s oil level before seeking repair.


One of the most common causes of not working air compressors is a faulty gasket. If your air compressor isn’t getting enough air, likely, it’s not level, or its air filter is dirty. A malfunctioning air intake pump is another typical culprit. Finally, it’s time to replace or adjust the valve plate. The compressor might also shake due to a loose bolt or component. If you can’t find the issue, install vibration pads.

In some cases, your compressor may simply fail to power on, and various problems can cause this. For example, a broken part can result in insufficient pressurization, damaging the compressor. If it’s simply failing to start, the problem may be caused by low pressure in the tank. Depending on the situation, adjusting the pressure switch may solve the issue. However, if you’ve tried all of these things and still find that your compressor isn’t working, you may need to call an electrician.

Another cause of a non-working air compressor is insufficient maintenance. If you’ve been using your compressor for a long time without performing routine checks, you might not be aware of the problem until it’s too late. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix the most common issues. To avoid the hassle, try a few of these solutions first. They’ll save you time and money in the long run.


You should not give up if you’re struggling with a non-functioning air compressor. Here are some tips for fixing a non-working air compressor. First, check the power supply. If it’s dirty or damaged, you should replace the valve plate or head gasket.

Check the power switch. There could be a blown a fuse in the power line. If the air compressor is plugged into a different outlet, check if it still works. Otherwise, it may have a damaged or worn starter capacitor. Lastly, check the motor. There could be too much air trapped over the pistons. You can disconnect the power outlet and drain the air tank in such a case.

If the tank is full of air, the problem is most likely the air filter. This component may be clogged with debris and needs to be replaced. The valves may also need to be adjusted. If the valves are damaged or faulty, clean them as needed. If all these steps do not work, you should replace the parts. You can also check the power supply with a multimeter or shut off the breaker.